There are Only Martial Arts Eight Techniques in the World!

[I:]It is true that there are only eight Martial Arts techniques in all the Arts. I wrote an article on this a while ago, but a few people have asked me to clarify, so let me write again. Hopefully I won’t be saying the same things twice.

There are eight specific kinds of attacks one will encounter in combat. These are when somebody initiates an attack in the following ways. A club, a knife, a gun, a sword, a spear, a fist, a foot, and an attack from behind.

You could stretch some of these martial arts attacks, or perhaps claim that not all should be listed, but you should know I chose these after three decades in the arts. There is reason for my selections, and these reasons have to do with analyzing the potential motions one faces in combat. Guaranteed, these eight techniques include virtually all attacks you will ever face, and even allow for future development of the martial artist.

You could refine things further. For instance, you could think of everything as a line. Thus, there would be a medium-sized blunt line, a short sharp line, a line of projection of variable length, a long sharp line, a medium-sized curved sharp line, a line from the ground, a line from the shoulder, a line coming at one from the rear.

You could extend the Catchers (which is what I call these eight martial arts moves) by including such notions as a line with a bend (hinges), such as a nunchuck or triple section staff. Or a flexible line, which would define a bullwhip. You wouldn’t be in error, but studying my eight moves will prepare you to handle other potential lines.

Now, here is the big warning about all this. The Catchers are really advanced self defense moves. This is because one should study a variety of techniques, even whole arts, in depth and to an extreme if they want to make the Catchers work.

The Catchers, you see, can best be implemented if one knows all the variables of motion behind them. If one has not studied whole arts, all the potential ranges and attacks and so on, then one simply does not have sufficient data (depth and variety) to make the Catchers work. So you must, simply must, study not just one art, but a whole range of related arts.

This means that you must study not just karate, but kung fu and aikido and tai chi and so on. Truth, the Catchers were actually developed after, and specifically because of, research into weapons and types of Kung Fu. Guaranteed, you must have a lot of data under your belt if you want to make these Martial Arts Techniques work.

The Catchers are the logical result of studying Blinding Steel and Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing). Head on over to Monster Martial Arts to learn more about these arts.

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