Weight Loss Before and After Pictures!!!!!!! AMAZING!

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  1. blancayteddy says:

    i want to be in the picture

  2. hospitalbedpan1 says:

    what about the fourth option….

    You can not give a shiit and just live freely with no worries.

  3. MegaIntegrity says:

    Congratulations to ALL of you ! Good job ♥ It’s very inspiring whenever anyone reaches their goals whatever they may be.

  4. maxreynoso says:

    Congratulations to all of you!

  5. delluser121 says:


  6. Kingtunice says:

    thats a horrible thing to do to your body

  7. I love the ending to this video. Very inspirational, plus the music is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kingtunice says:

    do you camprehend how fucking unheathy that is…..

  9. can you please tell me exactly what you did

  10. sure but itll be mostly liquid off ur body
    lost 17kg this way and 50% was liquid

  11. The girl at 1:55 is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

  12. leanbymarco says:

    When you decide to make a positive change, you are valuing yourself. My friends, you are so worth the effort.
    Please see my video on how to lose weight its fun and filled with the principles you can go on living with.

  13. puuurdypatty says:

    how are the losing?

  14. LadyKirojihah says:

    what did u do???

  15. bgraff1lsu says:

    .37 i’d hit that

  16. tulipsxw2 says:

    It’s about losing weight, not necessarily if they’re still fat or skinny. They’re still on their journey to being fit.

  17. user696969 says:

    wtf? some of the chicks were still fat

  18. 57 wow!

  19. legslikewhoa says:

    wow this video was awesome! 2:19 and 2:31 were so amazing.

  20. ACEBAKER911 says:

    The thick chubby girl at :32 is sooooo Hot !

    Im not gonna lie, im a guy who Luvs Fat girls

  21. Thanks for inspiring me, and i love the part of this song where it goes “this is your life, are you who you wanna be?” It really puts into perspective that life is passing us by and we can’t wait for “tomorrow” to change.

  22. maimingbetty says:

    the “i exercise” diet.

  23. brandyharden says:

    what diets were these ppl on?

  24. 95sweethome says:

    Switchfoot – Dare You To Move 😉

  25. darklordbbw says:

    at 0:21 it looks like you lost weight with your husband. congrats

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