Procera AVH – Memory Loss Prevention – Conditions By way of Memory Loss

In some incredibly rare and unusual circumstances, the EAST 911 might shed portions of its setup memory. A single attainable result in has been traced towards the mixture of an I C’s input leakage existing and its pull-down resistor.

The input of Gal U20 is pulled high inside the course of factory test and resistor R121 pulls the input to ground inside the course of normal operation. If the leakage existing is excessive, the input can seem to turn into logic 1 as opposed to its typical logic 0.

A preventive measure is frequently accomplished readily inside the field: Save all set-up parameters prior to powering down the 911 unit. With AC Energy off, on principal board assembly, replace R121 having a zero-Ohm resistor or jumper wire or merely solder a shorting wire across the resistor. Erase all set-up parameters just ahead of powering up the 911 unit as soon as when more.

This truly is achieved by placing a piece of paper in among BATT1 and its contacts for 15 minutes. If the board does not have BATT1, cautiously eliminate U15 from its socket for 15 minutes, then reinstall it. See Fig. 1 (W/O Batt1) or Fig. two (W/Batt1)

A further probable trigger has been identified to turn into the switching noise affecting the SRAM occasionally. To cease noise on V BATT and Printer Power Line to the SRAM, add 1 10 u F 25V Tantalum at the same time as a single 1000 u F 25V Electrolytic Capacitors for the most crucial board assembly. See Fig. 1 (W/O Batt1) or Fig. two (W/Batt1).

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