Unleashing Methyl 1: M1D Black

Healthy minds and healthy bodies. Mind and muscle. These are two superb things that a man must attain to actually gain dominion, to achieve the fullest sense of well being and attain maximum self confidence. Each individual is naturally gifted with hormones. These hormones are chemical substances that actually help the body move through and accomplish every detail of life.

The female body is gifted with the chief hormone called estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for the maturation of the female sexual reproductive system. This maturation includes the secondary sex characteristics of the female individual. When this hormone surges in adolescence, women will tend to have growth spurt, growth of axillary and pubic hair as well as thelarche or the first budding of breasts and finally, menarche which is the first menstrual period of the woman, the signal that the woman is now capable of ovulation and later on, child bearing.

In male individuals however, the chief hormone is called testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that allows men to experience changes in voice, muscular growth as well as penile enlargement and also spermatogenesis or the formation of sperm cells.

It is part of the physical and the psychological change of male individuals to actually need to have a wonderful body physique. It is part of the self esteem of young adolescent males to achieve a body that they can be proud of. They work hard and exercise at gyms, eat a lot of protein and do all other things that make their bodies stronger.

However, many men become frustrated because no matter how hard the exercise or hours they log in the gym, they still cannot achieve the body that they want. So many men resort to using steroidal medications that they believe would bring about the result that they are after.

Well worry no more because Methyl 1, M1D Black comes to the rescue as a much safer and still effective solution to this ongoing dilemma!

M1D Black is a prohormone. It’s not only a prohormone; it is the only prohormone of its kind. It has been said that it optimizes a person’s anabolic state to maximize lean mass and muscle development of the body for a more emphasized muscles or muscle mass. M1D’s mass boosting power is engineered and designed by science and may really help the growth of all the muscles of the body while increasing strength and drive.

It has been studied and proven that in order to gain a huge amount of body mass; one doesn’t need to overindulge himself in prosteroids. Steroids will have negative and undesirable effect to the body that might later on lead to endocrine problems such as Cushing’s disease. The professionals believe that instead of overdosing our bodies with harsh steroids and hormones, we are left with working on our natural potential through the hormone testosterone because the best way to earn mass is to have it slow and steady. Instead of putting on a lot of water weight which often happens when many harsh steroids are used, using methyl 1 is better because it may allow for a better and safer growth of mass which we can keep and not just water weight which is lost later being washed away by the body.

M1D Black is not a magic pill and users need to eat well and of course exercise well to better achieve satisfying results.

M1D black will optimize hormones every day during use, particularly androgens which are the ones responsible for increasing the testosterone levels of the blood and thereby increasing the chance of having a good and leaner body with good body muscle mass.

The science behind M1D black involves a lot of substances that actually causes a more effective body mass gain. The combination of all these substances makes methyl 1 a powerful and effective supplement to augment the needs of the body.

The components are a prohormone 100 mg, metabolism complex, phellodendron that blocks estrogen levels, L carnitine and L titrate that makes testosterone active at the receptors, cissus quadrangularis that helps in reducing cortisol and is anabolic, luteolin which inhibits the exit of hormones in the body and thus maintaining their lifespan longer; Pipperine, Stinging Nettle extract which reduces the deactivation potential of testosterone.

Methyl 1 is not only a growth hormone enhancer but it also helps the person lose the unwanted fats and therefore the unwanted weight.

Overall, this m1d black pill is a powerful pill that may actually make men healthier and will help them attain greater bodies without endangering effects in their later lives.

Methyl 1 is a substance that would help young men attain the body they need and will help older men to maintain the body that they have worked out for in the long years.

Methyl 1, m1d black is a potent supplement that has risen to the top of the natural legal market because it has fewer side effects than steroid hormones and therefore the benefit of m1d black outweighs the possible risks it may possibly give to its consumers.

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