Unbiased Chews 4 Health Home Based Business Review

I try to keep up with all of the latest trends and rankings and I have been seeing Chews 4 Health popping up all over the place! Before I begin my review I would like to disclose that I am not affiliated with Chews 4 Health in any way, shape or form. My goal is to provide an outsiders look into the company that is growing at a very fast rate. I will be taking an unbiased look at the company, leadership, products and compensation plan.

If you are cooking garlic with food, you should not add it to your cooking until the last ten minutes. If you add it at the beginning of your cooking, the garlic will loose its health benefits. Try adding a few cloves to your olive oil and pouring it over your salad, this is a milder way to consume garlic. Now that we know how to prepare garlic, let’s take a look at how it can improve your health.

The Leadership Dr. Friedman has certainly put together an arsenal of incredible leaders to run his company. Peter Gothe, Vice President of Operations has an extensive background in direct sales managing different aspects in companies like ACN, NuSkin, Amway and Tahitian Noni to name a few. Chews 4 Health is aggressively expanding into International Markets and Fred Watkin, Managing Director has expertise with establishing businesses in the Philippines and Japan. In addition to Mr. Gothe and Mr. Watkin, Dr. Friedman has put together a wonderful team of individuals that truly understand how to make a network marketing company successful.

The Products An organization can have the best CEO and leadership team in the world but if they don’t have a good product it is going to be hard for their distributors to sell the product. There are three product lines that are chewable and fully digestible. The entire concept is based around the fact that the most important part of digestion takes place in the mouth. By swallowing pills and vitamins before chewing them you are missing a vital part of the digestive process.

Antibacterial Garlic has been proven to have the antibacterial properties equivalent to 1% of penicillin. It can be used to prevent a number of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. The problem with most antibacterial medicines is that the bacteria evolves and builds up a resistance to it, but with garlic this is not the case. The common cold can also be prevented with the consumption of two to three cloves of garlic. More and more we are seeing that it is essential to include this super-food into your balanced diet.

Cumin – Cumin can be really helpful in asthma, common and a booster in immune system during cold and flu season. Capsulated Cumin can be beneficial to hair and nails, and if mixed with moisturized cream you can reap the benefits of a healthier skin.

Although garlic is a proven super-food that has many benefits, you should not take too much. Too much garlic can irritate your digestive system and cause discomfort. You should also take garlic supplements with caution; they can interact and reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs such as anticoagulants. Always consult with your doctor before you start taking a regular supply of garlic.

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