How To Make A Simple Medical Sling

Different medical problems and injuries are dealt with differently. There are those that strictly require the use of drugs alone, while there are those that need both drugs and physical therapy. An example of the latter case is fractures and dislocations. These are very common, and though not lethal, need good care so as to ensure that one recovers properly. One important bit of their treatment is immobilization of the injured part. This is not easy and you need the aid of a medical sling. Medical Sling

For those who do not know, slings are simple support equipment used to keep an injured limb from moving so as to ensure safe and quick recovery. Many people have seen them on others or have even had to use them at one point in time. So, they are common health equipment.

Since a long time ago, slings have been used to hold broken and dislocated arms. They were common in war, and have since evolved from simple cloth to well-designed fabric that is incorporated with advanced support mechanisms. Unlike the past when they used to be made only when required, nowadays they are manufactured and available for purchase whenever needed.

Though slings are purchased from stores nowadays, it is important that you learn how to make one. This comes in handy when you are at an accident scene and people need immediate attention. You can help save lives and suffering during emergencies, by learning this simple technique.

In some cases, especially during emergencies, there is usually no time to get ready made slings. In that case you have to improvise. You will need a 5 foot wide and 3 foot long piece of cloth. Cut a triangular piece from the cloth.

After that is done, place the elbow of the injured hand on the pointed end of the triangle. Slowly proceed to place the wrist on the bottom part of the triangular cloth. When this is done, tie the ends around the shoulder and make sure that you do not tie too tightly. With that, you will have made a medical sling.

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