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  1. im black ad natural and no i dont run from the rain…im just gonna rock my natural hair…im not worried about straightening or sick of that…

  2. veggieeater says:

    i’m starting to wonder if God really did give us such difficult hair. I mean we hear all these scenarios about people seperating and migrating back in the day and then adapting to different environment. maybe that has something to do with it. is black people the only race that has hair diasters? ugh!!! i can’t stand it. i use to hate seeing all those blond hair shampoo commercials but never any black ones. its like rubbing it in my face that i can never have long hair. but oh well, life goes on

  3. lovethesetits says:

    Tyra is a beautiful woman. However, I don’t see fake hair for anyone. We all look better with our own hair, as long as the hair is tightly groomed. I trust that you will receive more compliments with your own hair than in a wig/weave. When a woman wears a wig, she looks insecure.

  4. 220love07 says:

    my hair is natural its locked in fact & i also have a lovely collection of wigs & i love being diverse. i WOULD NEVER tell other women to be natural like me cuz i don’t give a damn, do you & what makes you feel good. women on YT act as if what other people eat will make them shit!
    As i said b4 hair maybe the ONLY thing they do naturally!
    its stupid to assume that black womens hair only comes in one length & texture & the women who think that will be the 1’s that continue this discussion

  5. sofiajay1 says:

    THAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU at last some one who speaks sense…she would notg have tried this when she was on the catwalk all these women going on with themselves liberating this and liberating that….the only thing she is liberating is the ratings on her show and the money in her bank…yea thats right RATINGS…p.s don’t you just love how it also goes with the fact chris Rock has a film out about….YEA BLACK HAIR…every ones at it!!!

  6. sofiajay1 says:

    Yea while some don’t understand SHE HAS A SHOW TO PROMOTE, how long before she runs back to her extensions, weave, pieces etc…I dont think she would have tried this ‘stunt’ if she was still a model…………………………………..!!!!!!

  7. sofiajay1 says:

    I just don’t get it I really don’t all these busy bodies telling people how to act and look what the hell makes you think when you have extensions/weaves etc in your hair its about changing your colour or what God gave you!!! My lord gave me the right to freeeeeeeeeeeedom and he also told me NOBODY BUT HIM CAN JUDGE ME so now WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????!!!!!

  8. sofiajay1 says:

    THANK YOU!!! what is up with people IS YOUR LIFE NOW BETTER BECAUSE TYRA HAS HER NATURAL HAIR ON SHOW????? I mean its all good liking your hair weave free but who the hell gives women the right to judge others who choose to extend their hair or manage it how they see fit?? come onn what the hell is happy being nappy its all well and good when you have a PROFESSIONAL hair dresser on call 24/7!!
    220love07 you’re talking sense 110%

  9. dawrld4rmmeyes says:

    Cool I was wondering if Tyra said something. Im not natrual but I have learned alot about hair care on youtube.

  10. lovethesetits says:

    If people are complaining about their natural hair being difficult to maintain, they need to learn how to take care of it. There are numerous youtube videos that can help you with that, or you can find a “natural hairstylist” that can show you all the wrong things you may have been doing to your hair to make it difficult. Second, yes, baby steps leading to natural hair. Tyra did not say she was going to do it, but perhaps. I will let someone else chime in on this subject for you.

  11. dawrld4rmmeyes says:

    Maybe I missed something but what exactly are the baby steps she are taking leading her too. Did she mention she was going natural? I’m not sure I dont watch her show. And Not to get anyone angry or upset but the people I hear saying wearing our hair natural is harder to take care of is people who have had natural hair all their lives or had it before so it has nothing to do cause of the relaxers,I know many people who are natural since birth complaining about their hair.

  12. quepasa3000 says:

    FINALLY Tyra is WEAVE FREEEEE. Its good to see her with her natural hair

  13. lovethesetits says:

    No, but it is her OWN hair. i can’t wait until AA women are happy being nappy. But, I will accept these baby steps. Once Tyra goes nappy, her hair won’t be hard to manage. It is the relaxer that is causing the difficulty.

  14. sunsumiotv says:

    Exactly. Your kinky/curly hair will naturally be an afro and yet black people are mocking it. 30-40 years ago we loved it! It’s amazing how we are engineered to hate the natural state of our hair. We’d prefer it to be fried, broken, and limp. Sad.

  15. sunsumiotv says:

    Thank you. I was going to say essentially the same thing. We need to re-educate ourselves about our innate beauty. Peace.

  16. filmtress says:

    No chemicals in my hair for the last 11 years! I do have a braids that allows me to go swimming anytime I want. I am a good swimmer. Now how many sisters can say THAT! I love Whoopi’s hair. Have you seen the “View recently”, I want that hair style. But I’m NOT willing to pay $1000.00 for it. I looking forward to the day that Sisters will one day take off the wigs, weaves, and chemcals and proclaim freedom!

  17. nanananalalala says:

    baby i would love to kiss ur fat ass hahaha

  18. divaRights says:

    Preach, girl!! ;)) Stopped the relaxer myself, but gotta admit, still have chem ends….hunnnh, SLOWLY thinking about a big chop…

  19. lovethesetits says:

    Natural hair is only harder to maintain when you want to wear it straighten. If you keep it in its natural state and wear natural hairstyles, it is SO EASY to maintain. I don’t want the world to think that black hair is the MOST DIFFICULT THANG IN THE WORLD. I repeat, that it is only difficult when you change its natural texture. However, I am so appreciating the babysteps that Tyra and Oprah are taking. It’s about time. Hell, black woman are losing their hairline because of weaves/wigs.

  20. lovethesetits says:

    I respect that Tyra has gotten rid of the wigs and weaves. But I don’t want her to sound misleading when she says when a black woman wear their natural hair it is harder to take care of. It is only harder to maintain, because Tyra is chemically relaxing it. Therefore, she has to run from the rain to avoid puffiness at the root. However, if she did not chemically straighten it, it would be easy to maintain and she will be able to walk in the rain. Baby steps.

  21. PandaBaby51 says:

    with a stylist that is

  22. I’m sorry you feel that way brother perhaps you can help educate the brothers who don’t appreciate what the creator blessed us with. I had an ex who asked me and I quote “can you get some braids or something” because I was rocking a fro…now I can I laugh about it because I love my locks…but its brothers/comments like that which make black women run to get a perm!! sad but true

  23. KANIGYTSUM2 says:

    I love Tyra. She and Wendy Williams are just sooo real!

  24. Did she really let him touch her hair? Ha Ha

  25. chilleychihuahua says:

    i love her!

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