The way to a Flatter Stomach

Are you struggling with excess belly fat?  Would you like to have a flatter stomach?

When we think about getting a flatter stomach with less fat and more tone we imagine doing lots of sit ups and other stomach exercises. Well doing these stomach exercises are good for toning the stomach muscles that lay below the layer of fat but if we don’t reduce this fat  layer the stomach muscles won’t be seen. So stomach exercises alone are not enough.

So to get this toned flat stomach you will need to lose the fat that is covering your stomach muscles. There is no miracle supplement that will achieve this for you, unfortunately.  The best way to lose that belly fat is a combination of changing your lifestyle. You will need to change your eating, drinking and training habits. You don’t have to become a recluse, just make some simple alterations to achieve what you want.

So, what is the best way to achieve that flatter stomach.  You will have to combine cardio exercise ( Walking, Running, Swimming, Cross Trainer etc) with a good diet and Abdominal Exercises.

Food is a fuel source to provide energy for the body to operate at rest and during activity. It is the tendency nowadays to eat more food than is required. The body will take onboard this food and any excess energy that is not used will be stored as fat. So reducing the amount of food taken in and increasing the energy output will in turn decrease the stored fat. Combining this with abdominal exercises will eventually lead to a flatter more toned stomach.




15 min warm up – Bike    
10 Trunk Curls, 10 Sit Twist, 10 Sit Ups
15 min – X Trainer
10 Trunk Curls, 10 Sit Twist, 10 Sit Ups
15 min – Treadmill Walk or Run at a steady pace
10 Trunk Curls, 10 Sit Twist, 10 Sit Ups

 At Home

15 min warm up – Walk/Jog/Bike
15 Trunk Curls, 15 Sit Twist, 15 Sit Ups
30 min – Walk/Jog/Fartlek
15 Trunk Curls, 15 Sit Twist, 15 Sit Ups

As you can see there is now mind boggling science to achieving the flatter stomach.

All you need is a little education a lot of self belief and some determination to succeed.

Good luck and do not hesitate to ask questions. Visit us at for the UK’s best weight loss and fitness boot camp

Staff Reitze has 20 years experience as a physical trainer in The British Military. During this time he has served in a variety of demanding roles and gained many experiences. He has a unique talent of being able to extract the very best from an individual in a fun but disciplined manner. Staff Reitze has been involved in weight loss and military boot camps for around a year and with his knowledge, experience and infinite enthusiasm you will be given every chance to achieve your goals.

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