Ephedrine Diet Pills: Short Term Side Effects

It’s just a fact of life that nearly anything that will be consumed does bring with at least one unwanted side effect. As a matter of fact, even the food that you eat each day caries with risks and two of them are tooth cavities, and weight gain in the event you happen to eat too a lot of it. Now obviously there could be long term effects from ephedrine but what, if any, are the short term effects you are able to expect?

As it turns out there are a great handful of them, and also the initial one is increased heart rate. Now for some people who are not utilized to it, this one in particular can seem a bit frightening, and also the greater the dosage the much more your heart will race. Also exercising following taking this well-liked weight loss drug can also work to improve the rate at which the heart beats as well.

Then one much more that might hit you, particularly in warmer weather, or whilst you’re working out, is heavier than normal sweating. Also this obviously can and generally does lead to body odor issues as well, if it’s not checked. Now the cure for the heavy perspiration is to merely take much more breaks than you may be utilized to, whilst obviously the cure for the body odor is a great long shower.

Many people who use this popular over the counter weight loss drug also report problems with a dry mouth, otherwise known as cotton, or desert-mouth. Now just like all the other short term side effects listed here, how much you take does have an effect on how sever it is. So what can you do about it? Try lessening your dosage, and carry a bottle of water and some sour gum with you.

Inability to sleep is but one more to be on the lookout for. In fact if you take these over the counter diet pills later in the afternoon, don’t expect to get to sleep at your regular bedtime. Now what experienced users do, is simply make a point of taking their pills in the morning, before they head off to work, and in this way the effects have time to wear off before evening falls.

Extreme talkativeness and hyperactivity is still one more that you can expect and in fact the increased energy level is the very reason why many people take ephedrine. The desire to talk however tends to catch a lot of first time users off guard, so it’s definitely something to be aware of. Once again, chewing gum, or listening to music can help if you feel the urge to chat.

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