The truth about weight loss

The truth about weight loss

Your body represents what you think about your self’s and it is always telling the truth.

This might sound hard for some people, but it is a fact.

We treat our self’s according to our values and beliefs.

If you belief you are “not worth it”, you have a low self-esteem trouble with loving yourself it shows up in you body.

First: it is visible at the body language, lacking muscle tone, slag posture, facial expression and superficial breathing.

Further it is as simple as that:

95% of the overweight people are fat because they eat the wrong thing in mass and do not or little exercise.

You are what you eat!

If you eat fast food manly containing fat and sugar (weight bread reacts in the body like sugar) than your body mass is fatty as well. Your body uses this staff to improve fat storage.

If you eat complex carbohydrates and minerals which you get in vegetables, fruits and whole grain product your body can build bones, muscles and well formed structure.

Is your body a tractor and you can put in whatever fuel you have available (although tractors do not take all!)  or a Formula 1 car?

Formal 1 car are self-confident and can only run and perform at their best if they are given a high performing fuel.

Are you worth it? Be truthful with yourself are you really worth it, the high quality food full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and energy?

If you are worth it, you take some more time to prepare to buy and choose your food as well as by preparing it.

If you want to be forever thin, you need detailed information about
your own fat-box, plus the proper tools for breaking out of it. The
information below has worked for John (65-pound fat loss) and for
many thousands of weight-challenged individuals. It will work for
you too.

Fat-boxes are made up of attitudes, beliefs and old habits formed
in childhood. They subtly and powerfully shape our bodies, our
self-image and the way we relate to food and life in general. Most
weight-challenged people remain trapped in the gain/lose/gain cycle
because they are unaware of this fact. Therefore, the issue is not
whether a fat-box controls your weight but whether or not you will
confront and break out of it. Here’s how.

First, identify the contents of your fat-box. Answer the following:

1. Who wants you to stay fat? Most weight-challenged people are
surrounded by family and friends who “enable” their bad eating
habits and weight gain.

2. How does staying overweight serve or protect you? From life,
sex, your personal power, men/women, being visible, etc.

3. How has being overweight defined your personality, your
relationships and your self-expression?

4. What would you do with your mind, your emotions, and your life
if you were not constantly focused on food and fat?

Now, break out of your fat-box:

1. Imagine what you will look like when you drop all that weight.
Write a description and place it on your fridge.

2. Imagine that you have all the power you need to face life as it
is. How will this change your behaviour?

3. Write a letter to the people who want you to stay fat. Tell them
that you are breaking out of your fat-box and that they no longer
have any say in who or what you are. Do not mail it. Read it out
loud to yourself every day for 30 days. This is an extremely
powerful exercise. Take the risk of feeling foolish and do it!

To be successful at breaking out of the fat-box you will need
courage to face some fears. Most weight-challenged individuals are
deeply attached to being overweight and discover great resistance
when they get close to their ideal weight. Your task is to refuse
to attack yourself or decide that you lack will power.

The problem is not your will but your deep-seated attitudes about
who you are and can be. The solution is in learning to create a new
image of you and your possibilities that is not defined by your old
programs. With some work you will be successful at breaking out and
being forever thin.

You see weight loss and changing beliefs, behaviours and self- image and self-esteem are directly related and that is where coaching sets in.

Are you sick and tired of failing at weight loss?
Did you know virtually all famous diets set you up for failure by
ignoring the 2 critical requirements of lasting weight loss? If you
know how to meet these 2 conditions, you can lose all the fat you

Do you want to know these secrets?

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I strongly believe that everybody has the right to be healthy and fit.

My deepest desire was is to gain more and more wisdom of the key health factors that lead to a vibrant and health body and mind.

Finally I have found a series of co-dependencies involving nutrition, exercise and mindset that can impact on a person’s health either positively or negatively. Through these discoveries, Energetic Life Solutions was born.

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