Running For Weight Loss – How To Safely Start

Did you know that running is one of the best ways there is to reduce weight? There may be other, easier ways, but when it comes to effectiveness, there are very few other strategies that can compare to running. If you think that this is easily done, think again. Running requires a lot of self discipline and hard work, so you need to be prepared and committed. Below are a few important tips that will help you to start running for weight loss as safely as possible.

Consult Your Doctor

Before you begin to run it is important that you go to speak with a medical professional. If you have medical problems such as being overweight, heart problems etc. then it is extremely important that you see a doctor. This will allow you to identify any problems that could potentially come up.

Purchase a Proper Pair of Running Shoes

It is very important that you find good running shoes. Not only will shoes protect your feet but they will also provide the support needed when you are running. Running specific shoes are not the same as other shoes. These sneakers are going to have extra cushioning that will help to absorb the impact. You need to find a pair that is tight enough to provide support to your feet but you do not want them to be uncomfortable.

Do A Proper Warm Up

Warming up is another very important aspect of a running routine. A proper warm up will reduce wear and tear on your joints, muscles and tendons by limbering them up. Plus, being limber will help you settle into your rhythm very quicker and easier. Starting to jog before you warm up sufficiently can cause damage to such an extent that the pain can become so unbearable that it even affects the way you walk.

What is recommended is that you start with a quick walk for about five minutes, then jog at a very slow pace for another ten minutes. Once you do this you can do some runner’s stretches. This practice will help your body be sufficiently warmed up for you to run with a greater ease.

Don’t Diet When You Run

Even if the primary reason behind you starting to run was to reduce weight, it is really not advisable to diet when you start to run. A better option would be to eat healthy, nourishing food and cut down on the junk food and snacks.

Take Time To Relax

It’s important that you relax while you run. Having the correct posture is an important thing. This is not only true because it will enable you to run better but it is also true because it will help you to relax your body when you are running. Keep your head up and look straight ahead. It’s not good to look down or to lean forward. Your shoulders need to be relaxed as well as your arms and try not to tighten your fists.

Intake More Water

Many people will use fluids other than water, but water is the best at hydrating and reviving you. As you run you will sweat and this means that the water in your body leaves and you could get dehydrated. Make sure that you drink your water at least an hour before and then after you run. It is also important that you keep drinking water as the day goes on.

Add Strength Training Into Your Routine

While strength training is not exactly a part of running, it will help you to build your muscle mass and burn off some of those pesky fat rolls. This is a long term plan though because your muscle mass will take longer to build than losing inches.

Adding running to your exercise routine is a great way to keep your weight in check or lose some of those extra pounds that have been hanging around. But your goal is to lose weight through running, it’s important not to jump right into a running routine without considering the above important details first.

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