The Opportunity Of Now- Living In The Now

Everyone is so busy these days- having so much in our consciousness that it’s almost incomprehensible to live in today s moment for many of ourselves!!! We spend time holding their shop in days gone by or stressing out concerning the future. We’ve grown used to towards the access immediately/gratification to whatever we think may satisfy us or easy our productivity… … The opportunity to accomplish a great many items at ones, often robs us of being able to truly enjoy life bit by bit. Multitasking need not be a contented, nice, or healthy method to be. Solution: Are now living in the now!

So, how do we become more present?

1) Create a goal.

2) Divide it into smaller pieces.

3) Work on it one small change at a time You want to start with making a list of all situations in which you can become more present.

Below are several examples:

a) Eating more slowly.

b) Not reading while eating.

c) Turning off your phone when you go to the movies or to a restaurant.

d) Not taking a look at Facebook, text messages, or e-mails while you’re chatting with another guy in the flesh or on the phone.

e) Pouring a single serving of potato chips into a bowl rather than eating out of the bag.

f) Stopping to breathe when you’re feeling stressed about something. Then, pick one idea from your list to adopt being a new habit and commit to practicing that new habit for the following a 3 week period. Whenever the a 3 week period are up, celebrate your success and pick another suggestion for the following 21 days-and so on.

If you attempt to do a lot of, too fast you’re more likely to fail. When we slow down to create changes, focusing on one new habit at any given time, we’ll accomplish a great deal more. Simply controlling a tiny bit by changing one habit per month your daily life will alter drastically over a year! This rule applies to any goal you desire to achieve, not just the goal of who live in the now.

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