The No Red Face Formula Prevents Alcohol Flush Reaction

What is the No Red Face Formula? I too am curious about this mysterious way to cure Asian flush/glow/blush/alcohol reaction. There’s tons of names for the allergic reaction that is a result of a lack of a certain enzyme in certain people bodies (not just Asians, but mostly). And now they’ve got this new thing on the marked called the No Red Face Formula.

So far, there are lots of advertisements for the No Red Face Formula, but no one seems to be revealing the secret. Yes, I’m sure there are lots of copyright laws protection the information contained within the No Red Face Formula. I’ve done a lot of research on the internet and dived into quite a few No Red Face Formula site and forums, and this is what I’ve gathered so far about the No Red Face Formula.

It’s and e-book. There is nothing that is delivered to your house. As soon as you pay the 37 dollars you can download the book and get access to the information they have to offer.

The No Red Face Formula has cured over 10,000 customers. I don’t know how they can really measure that, but I’m sure it means that they’ve sold at least 10,000 copies. That sounds pretty good. But there are tons of Asians.

The No Red Face Formula teaches you “techniques” to stop your alcohol flush reaction. From what I’ve gathered on other sites, it seems to be some sort of breathing technique. I can’t say for sure, but some posts have hinted at this. Again, it may or may not be limited to this, but this may be something to expect from the product.

The techniques taught in No Red Face Formula can be learned in a relatively short period of time. People have reported anywhere from one to two weeks before getting the hang of it. I’m sure it all depends on how much you drink and how much you practice.

I’ve seen two sides to the story on how easy it is to use. Most posts say that it’s not a problem to pull of in a club or part atmosphere (in other words you won’t be doing one handed pushups or running in circles), but one guy said it was difficult to do it a room full of people. Perhaps it depends on your skill level.

There’s a money back guarantee for the No Red Face Formula. Even with all their top secret “cure your Asian flush” information, they’re nice enough to say that if it doesn’t work for you they’ll give you back every cent of your investment with no questions asked.

So why not try it out? If you’re just as curious as I am about what exactly this “No Red Face Formula” is, try it out because once it’s yours you can use it for the rest of your life. Still hesitant about the cash? Go in with a few friends. If you can find two friends who have the same problem with their alcohol flush reaction, that works out to just over ten dollars you have to invest in the product!

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