The Invictus Workout – Build Muscle like Matt Damon It seems like every actor in Hollywood is able to add 10, 20 or even 30 pounds of muscle with ease…just to play a new role. As we talked about last week, young Taylor Lautner, when confronted with the possibility of not being cast as the werewolf in the Twilight sequel, worked his butt off to add 30 pounds to his frame to not be denied. Next up this week is Matt Damon. In order to be convincing as a South African rugby player, he built pounds of new muscle. His new physique …

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  1. this guy forgot to mention that diet plays about 87% of the gain results.

  2. FLEXRATED says:

    I think this guy has a better physique then Damon

  3. UptheCreeeek says:

    @MrRickygee2 Exactly. Damon got bigger by eating A LOT mor food/protein and his trainer busting his butt pumping iron. These exercises are cool , but not how Damon put on his size. Also, I am not one to bash steroids….to each his own…but this was all done for a movie and many times steroids have played a role in an actor’s physical preparation for a movie role. The only way he could have got that big with just these exercises was if he was roiding.

  4. yea damon was ripped but you cant say that about the other players!. . . . .jeeeeez there impression of a rugby player was disgracefull!

  5. TheIrishMcLovin says:


    In that order are the best exercises for your traps

  6. the best excesises for the trapezious muscles are mainly shrugs use as heavy dumbells as u can lift that gets them growing real quick

  7. buckwheat87 says:

    killer video cant wait to try it

  8. Johndoe024 says:

    I don’t have any of these things in my house. What do?

  9. hey man great vid i was wondering if you would be able to do a vid specialized manly for the trapezius muscle

  10. ozzierosenfeldp says:

    awesome vid thx jeff

  11. you got that body from using athleanx?

  12. You are cool as …IM from New Zealand.. Go all Blacks!

  13. How do you know? Have you tried it…do you play rugby?…Ruggah boys are all out hard boys, none of them look like a body builder but a bodybuilder would get smashed by even a little winger…id say this is a good weight training session. Do it over and over again and youl get ripped up! This is good..

  14. MrRickygee2 says:

    Great workout for Rugby but not for putting on muscle! Matt Damon put on muscle lifting IRON!!! Show us his workout! Not cardio with light weights!

  15. UsernameAlter says:

    dosent that bit at the end, pushing the treadmill break it ??
    anyway great vid

  16. Rolpentraldent says:

    what an awesomebody!

  17. tigremontes1 says:

    your awesome man thanks for the vids

  18. Andytodahizzle says:

    Tuff workout,
    just had to try and boy was i tired,
    especially after tat treadmill push man thats a killer 😉
    thx for another great workout vid =)

  19. madman720ap says:

    ncie work jeff

  20. gyhighway says:

    Yo this is work Jeff, U think this is more effective for building muscle than goin to the gym and doin a bodypart per day? Thanks. keep up with the vids.

  21. BrandonAHawk says:


  22. BrandonAHawk says:

    Godd stuff!! Keep it up 🙂

  23. Youareashoe says:

    Nice video

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