What supplements are you not allowed to take if you wanna compete in Judo in the Olympics? Other than steroids?

What about muscle building supplements such as Nitric Oxide, Fat burner, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Herbal supplements, Whey Protein?

Would one of these get you disqualified for using "substances"?

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  1. all drugs

  2. anything legal is fine, steroids are not supplements..

  3. I would go to the IOC website and get the full lists of banned PED’s

  4. No blood doping, (refrigerating your own blood for future re-injecting at a convenient date)

    The other poster is right. You need to check the IOC site for their most recent updates, but traditionally, any US / EU medication that are schedule 3 through 1 are not permitted including pain killers.

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