Tendonitis Exercises That Will Easily Help

As you may well already know, tendons are strong fibrous tissues which connect the muscles to the bones of the body. In many cases, when the muscles and tendons are overworked it results in the tendons becoming inflamed. For example, a tennis player who uses his or her arm to perform repetitive movements may end up experiencing severe shoulder pain due to the tendons in the shoulder becoming injured. Fortunately, there are certain tendonitis exercises which one can do in order to prevent tendon injuries.

Essentially, if you suddenly begin feeling acute pain and tenderness in the vicinity of a joint, and your usual movements become restricted, especially those associated with your neck, shoulder, elbow, and knees, then you may be suffering from one or other form of tendonitis. Bear in mind however that even though these areas tend to be the most susceptible, tendonitis can affect many other areas of your body. Furthermore, even if you do regular tendonitis exercises before you begin playing sport, your tendons can get injured injured.

Interestingly enough, tendons can be found in 24 areas of the human body and each of those can become affected by tendonitis. Even so, the rotator cuff which is in the shoulder tends to be one of the most common forms of tendonitis. As such, one of the most highly recommended tendonitis exercises for the arm and shoulder requires you to stand up as straight as possible with both your arms at your side. From this position you should begin raising your arm until it reaches a 45 degree angle. During this exercise your arm should remain straight while you once again lower it to your side. Ideally, this exercise should be repeated as many times as possible, until such time that your arm becomes tired. At that point, you can begin doing the same exercise with the other arm. Again, once your arm begins to get tired, give it a break while you do the exercise once again with the first arm, and these exercises should be continued for at least ten minutes.

Most people have at some point heard of a condition known as tennis elbow, which is in fact a form of tendonitis. As you can probably imagine, this form of tendonitis got its common name due to the number of tennis players suffering from the condition. However, one should not be misled by the name because it is not only tennis players who end up with tennis elbow, but instead, a range of other sports can also be to blame, in addition to several different occupations such as carpentry for example. Furthermore, the pain and tenderness is not necessarily confined to the elbow, but instead, it can migrate down to the wrists and fingers as well. Whether or not you opt to use an elbow brace, it is still advisable to do tendonitis exercises.

Fortunately tennis elbow can in most cases be treated successfully at home, although if the pain has not started subsiding after two to three weeks then you should consider going to see a doctor. While many doctors will want to see an X-ray, these will not be able to show any adverse signs even if the tendonitis is severe. Above all, you should never begin tendonitis exercises at home unless you are confident that you can do them without causing further damage.

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