Online Life Coaching – Healing the Pain-Body Parasite

As the egoic mind begins to identify with a sense of self that is emotionally arrested in childhood, the pain-body energy will intensify. This trauma gets continually re-triggered every single time the pain-body justifies its existence by identifying with its wounded self. It’s as if the pain-body says, “I have been hurt by others and therefore I deserve to be angry.”

Spiritual Counseling – Unity Consciousness & Quantum Entanglement

Einstein once said, “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” What if science, philosophy, and spirituality have been on tangential paths in their pursuit of the truth about creation, each one stemming from distinct perceptions of reality but ultimately converging at a singular point of divine truth?

Spiritual Counseling – A New Story of Creation

To say that the Big Bang was the advent of consciousness is false. The only thing that the Big Bang did was create the world of form. And how do we as conscious beings create form? Well, as the Greek philosopher Plato concluded from the observation of the world, concepts cannot be derived from experience, but can only precede experience. In other words, mind must precede matter. For example, the idea of an airplane had to be in the Wright Brothers’ minds before they could design it and fly it. Idea plus visualization plus intention plus action is the simple equation for every material form created since the advent of mankind.

Spiritual Life Coaching: The Power of Presence

Most people believe that they can control every challenge that arise in their daily lives. They also believe that they can control other people, especially those with whom they’re close to such as family, friends, or a partner. And it is this belief that leads to much of their suffering. Believing that you can control or alter what already is is nothing less than delusional thinking. In fact, it’s nothing less than insane. Yet the chaos that we observe in the world today is a large-scale reflection of an undiscovered truth that, nearly everyone is, to a large degree, saying “no” to what already is.

Spiritual Life Coaching – A Pain-Body Attack

When the pain-body becomes active it begins devouring your consciousness. It has succeeded in convincing you that you are the pain-body! Your entire mental process and sense of self is completely aligned with it. And it knows it. The pain-body is now in charge. It has taken over you, your speech, your sight, your perception, and most importantly, your emotions and all the pain that comes with them. And this is when you have, in a sense, become the pain-body. The true you is no longer. And at that very moment (at the time of consumption) the last thing in the world you want is to be at peace. You want war! So what do you do? You go looking for an enemy.

Spiritual Counseling – The Role of the Root Chakra

The shakti energy (also called prana or qi) represents the holy spirit; the anima or sacred feminine which exemplifies the creative life force that is required to awaken the soul to its true potential. In China, qi is pronounced as “chi,” while in Japan, qi is pronounced as “ki,” and in ancient Egypt, this life force of empowerment was known as “ka.”

Spiritual Life Coaching – Entering a Realm of Non-Thought

You don’t have to be of this world to be in it. This does not mean that you should become uncaring to what is. Contrarily, it means having so much compassion for every life form in the world, that you will not perpetuate one modicum of the egoic-drama that unfolds on the world stage from day to day. It means being on the outside looking in. It’s about loving the way things are, rather than how you want them to be. This is the perspective of the Self Realized.

Spiritual Life Coaching: A Guided Meditation for Healing Your First Trauma

This Spiritual Life Coaching exercise will help you to commence a new and transcendent path filled with peace, joy, and tranquility. It is a guided meditation for those who seek to heal their primal wound and early childhood trauma. If you practice it once three times a week for three months, you should begin to transcend your emotional pain-body and dissolve your toxic emotions…for good.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Observing the Pain-Body

No matter how much meditation or spiritual practice you do, until you comprehend how the pain-body manifests itself through you and through others, you will be tricked by it and subsequently slip back into unconsciousness every time it resurfaces. The first step is to realize that you have a pain-body inside of you. Think of it as a body or field of energy that prospers through your own anger, hatred, heaviness, anxiety, depression, stress, and fears of impending doom. However it manifests, it will be causing you to re-experience your early childhood trauma which is the time when your pain-body began to manifest.

Spiritual Counseling – The Origin of the Universe

The physicist will be happy to tell you how you came to be, how you got here. But it is left to the meta-physicist or spiritual counselor to offer insight as to why you are here. Furthermore, physicists can aptly explain how matter forms from energy, how atoms form from electrons, protons, and neutrons, how people form from stars. But in spite of all the explaining of how things happen, we are still left with the age-old, unanswered question of how did space and time begin?