Spiritual Counseling – The Origin of the Universe

The physicist will be happy to tell you how you came to be, how you got here. But it is left to the meta-physicist or spiritual counselor to offer insight as to why you are here. Furthermore, physicists can aptly explain how matter forms from energy, how atoms form from electrons, protons, and neutrons, how people form from stars. But in spite of all the explaining of how things happen, we are still left with the age-old, unanswered question of how did space and time begin?

In the 4th Century BCE in ancient Greece, the philosopher Aristotle concluded from logical deduction that there must be an “unmoved mover” who was the originator or creator of all that exists. In 1916, Albert Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity and today it remains the description for gravity as a geometric property of space and time, or spacetime. The astrophysical relevance of Einstein’s theory encompasses the existence of black holes, vacuums in space in which spacetime warps. Consequently, nothing can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, not even light.

Modern astronomers claim to have proven that our universe contains a multitude of black holes, which are massive stars that have collapsed into singularities of infinitesimal size. A burning star is only able to stabilize its shape because the outward force of its radiation (light, heat, etc.) mediates the attractive force of its gravity. But when a massive star stops burning, the force of gravity becomes so vast that not even the densely-packed mass can support itself and as a result, the star quickly compresses in size until it shrinks to the size of a pinhead, then to the size of a microbe, and finally to the size of an atom. This division is called “infinite density” and this point is called the “singularity.” In this theory, an event horizon is a spherical boundary in spacetime surrounding a black hole, beyond what cannot affect an outside observer, and from which light cannot escape. According to general relativity, the universe at the state of the Big Bang (13.7 billion years ago) was also a singularity.

In the center of a black hole, the singularity causes the laws of physics as we know them to break down completely. In a 2011 The Science Channel episode of “How the Universe Works,” Professor Michio Kaku says, “A singularity is a point of infinite gravity where space and time become meaningless. Now that is ridiculous. A singularity is basically a word for saying, ‘I don’t know.’ It’s a word for saying, ‘I’m clueless.'”

Logically speaking, everything that has a beginning must also have an end. Like a zero or the number 8, the Source has no beginning, and therefore has no end. It was never the Source of the past and it will not be the Source of the future. It is only the Source of the Infinite Now, in the Everlasting cosmic sea of Divine Presence.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is the founder of The Art of Transformation, a company with a mission to teach Spiritual Enlightenment to the masses. His Personal Life Coaching program uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, wellness coaching, predictive astro-analysis, pain-body counseling, heart-brain manifestation, and relationship coaching.

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