Avoid Getting Anal Fissures

Simply the sound of the name of the condition associated with bleeding hemorrhoids–“anal fissures”–makes most people wince. It is not a fun condition, yet millions of people worldwide experience it. It can be treated and you don’t need to experience pain in secret in future years, however before you learn what to do to prevent as well as treat anal fissures, you must be aware of precisely what they are.

Constipation Relief for Women with Hemorrhoids

Constipation relief for women is a health issue that was sent to the hemorrhoids online blog from a woman who had the hemorrhoid banding procedure done. A hemorrhoid physician uses local anesthetic to numb the rectum and anus area, so there is minimal pain involved using a medical rubber band around the base of a hemorrhoid to stop the blood flow that is causing painful swelling. Once the band is in place hemorrhoids fall off.