Constipation Relief for Women with Hemorrhoids

Constipation relief for women is a health issue that was sent to the hemorrhoids online blog from a woman who had the hemorrhoid banding procedure done. A hemorrhoid physician uses local anesthetic to numb the rectum and anus area, so there is minimal pain involved using a medical rubber band around the base of a hemorrhoid to stop the blood flow that is causing painful swelling. Once the band is in place hemorrhoids fall off.

The compelling part the email sent was that her hemorrhoid physician was sure that chronic constipation was the source of her hemorrhoids. She was lucky the times that she had a normal bowel movement without straining. Her dilemma was she was on the toilet straining to pass a bowel movement only every other day. Mostly not much relief would come out all the straining. Her physician told her chronic constipation resulted in hemorrhoids appearing. Straining during bowel movements will cause health issues.

After she recovered from hemorrhoid banding she was still suffering from constipation. Frustrated she turned to over-the-counter constipation relief products that were too hard on her stomach and made bowel movements too violent. The way she described it was not pretty at all. The Internet is a tremendous resource for information on constipation relief. This is where she found Dr. Karlo Mauro’s constipation relief for women system.

I’m very much a skeptic to a certain degree on every product or system for hemorrhoid and constipation relief. I try to share as much information about topics related to hemorrhoids that can really help people find a treatment and cure that works for them. It’s hard to deny something works when you get a person sharing their success story with you. After a follow up email the woman explained that she was a skeptic too until she read Dr. Mauro’s series on the 7 common causes of constipation for free.

She researched on the Internet and found that the series was true. She also browsed various constipation blogs to get honest opinions from people that had used the method. After buying Dr. Karlo Mauro’s constipation relief for women and following the easy steps she discovered constipation relief. I can’t emphasize enough the relation between chronic constipation and hemorrhoid suffering.

I can never make the silly claim that every constipation or hemorrhoid cure will work for individuals. It makes me extremely uncomfortable when people or companies promise that type of result. I prefer a more honest approach to sharing information from people that their personal hemorrhoid and constipation results using a product. No sales representative or company will tell you their product won’t work for you. Dr. Karlo Mauro’s constipation relief for women worked successfully for the woman kind enough to want us to share her results.

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