Stunning New York Fashion Week Finds: Carmen Electra’s Black Corset

Every man thinks of Carmen Electra as someone with sex appeal. For many, she is the epitome of a goddess. She doesn’t just have a male fan following. Many women find themselves being inspired by her ageless beauty and drop dead gorgeous diva style. Stand out with an elegant corset dress!

This time, Carmen Electra turned heads at the New York Fashion Week where everyone came looking their best.

Black Corset Worn by Carmen Electra

The former Playboy beauty showed up at the 2013 New York Fashion Week wearing a black corset that was amazing. The amazing Baywatch babe and style icon wore skyscraper peeptoe heels and figure-hugging leather pants along with the corset giving her the perfect diva look.

The black corset was ideal for attending the The Blonds Fall 2013 fashion show. Celebrities like Lil Kim and Lady Gaga love the fashion duo David and Phillipe Blond, and this time, they were seen sitting on either side of Carmen. The corset was basically worn to honour their creativity and Carmen did a great job of it. Corsets make you get celebrity looks!

Can You Learn From Carmen?

While you might not be attending a New York fashion show anytime soon, there’s a lot you can learn from Carmen’s head-turning style.

Stand Out – You have to be proud of your body when you wear a corset of any kind: corset dresses, under a blouse or anything else. Don’t be afraid to flaunt characteristics that make you beautiful and unique, or to attract the attention you deserve. Don’t let yourself blend into the background in any case.

Corsets Aren’t Just for the Bedroom – Some women might still think of them as lingerie but corsets are truly becoming popular as pieces that provide both beauty and style. The corset dresses and corset tops available these days are very wearable.

Know You’re Beautiful – It is important to note that Carmen is always drawing attention to herself. The sexy black corset might have done most of it but it also had to do with her attitude while she wore it. Something like this can be accomplished only if the person knows what they are and are proud and confident about it.

With a black corset top, Carmen Electra definitely turned heads at the New York Fashion Week. Carmen’s fashion is something that should be inspiring for other women.

You just need to believe it. The corset isn’t something that should stay in your bedroom anymore! Highlight your beauty with well sown corsets!

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