Breathing Exercises for your Anxiety

Has it occured to you that a sudden rush of pressure and tension made it hard for you to breath? Have you ever felt a very strong anxiety on something that the world suddenly becomes very blur and it becomes difficult for you to concentrate with anything anymore? Well, you are obviously not alone. There are tons of people who experience anxiety when fear of the unknown is about to come. It is a defense mechanism used by our bodies so that our minds can tolerate the feeling of experiencing something that is not yet known. When you become very anxious, you go into a state of panic. Mild anxiety is alright because it helps you concentrate well on what you are doing. However, anic will lead the body to freak out, thus you won’t be able to concentrate anymore. When you will be doing a huge presentation, you don’t want to experience black out will all the efforts you’ve put through your project. Thus, you need to learn a couple of these techniques on controlling anxiety, like breathing exercises.

How is Breathing Exercises for Anxiety done?

Breathing exercises are very easy. Any people can do it. You may even heard that nurses and doctors recommend it as non-pharmacologic pain relief. To start with, look for a comfortable chair or couch where you can sit. Place both of your hands on your side or place them on your abdomen. Take a deep breath (inhale) then very slowly, breathe out (exhale) for a period of 3 seconds. During exhalation, purse your lips. Your lips should look like it is blowing a candle. Lip pursing should be done so airflow is controlled, givin your lungs time to absorb a maximum amount of oxygen. When our lungs is able to absorb enough amounts of oxygen, this is utilized by the brain. When our brains are well oxygenated, it is able to perform all the things it needs to perform. Thus you are able to have good concentration and anxiety control.

You Can Do Breathing Exercises for Anxiety Anywhere

Anxiety don’t just occur at work or at school. It can even occur at home, on the road, at the hospital, or any place that brings about a surge of fear for something unknown. When you’re at home, try to look for a comfortable seat where you can perform breathing exercises. When you’re on the road, try looking for a pollution-free space or better yet, a parking lot to ease the anxiety you are feeling. Breathing exercises don’t demand you to switch locations, it is very much optional. Thus, you can do it even while walking.

Breathing exercises for anxiety is very useful for basically anyone. Teach your family members how to do the breathing exercises for anxiety. Your friends would greatly appreciate this help when you share this article to them.

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