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Two thirds of the population of the world will have neck pain Philadelphia at some time in their life. Even though this is a common ailment there are many causes that you need to know about. Of course some of the causes are not very serious while others need medical attention.

There are many reasons for why people suffer from this pain. The fact that the head is supported by the neck is one of these reasons. Incorrect pressure can also have a negative effect on this area. Being able to discern between causes that will go away and ones that need medical attention is very important.

Common causes of this problem will include over-use, referred pain, stress, prolonged posture and minor falls. Over-use is actually one of the most common reasons behind this problem. Referred pain often comes from problems with the upper back which can easily spread to the neck.

When looking at severe or major causes we must be more serious. Spondylosis, acute coronary syndrome, spinal stenosis and infections are some of the major causes. If it is an infection it could be epiglottitis which needs to be checked by a doctor. Another cause that needs medical care is spinal stenosis as this is the narrowing of the spinal canal.

There are a number of treatments that you can go for if you suffer from this problem. Medication is usually the first thing people think about. Muscle relaxants are something that will not be recommended for this problem as they do not seem to do anything. For the less severe causes exercise which has joint mobilization should be used. Surgery is very rarely used for this problem unless the cause is creating other problems which can lead to serious health problems.

There are many causes of neck pain Philadelphia that you need to know about. About half of the things that cause this problem will resolve within a year. Read more about: neck pain philadelphia

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