Important Information About Cataract Surgery Orange County Residents Need To Know

Proper vision is one the most important things required to lead a comfortable life. However, there various conditions that hinder individuals from enjoying this wonderful gift. Cataracts are a common condition which mainly affects individuals with macular degeneration which may occur due to diabetic retinopathy or aging. A special procedure known as cataract surgery is performed to correct this eye condition and restore perfect vision. The affected lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one. The services of cataract surgery Orange County residents receive allow them to lead a more fulfilling life.

There are certain symptoms that may be used to detect the presence of cataracts. These include faded colors, poor night vision, blurry or cloudy vision, double vision and frequent changes in the strength of contact lenses or eye glasses prescribed. These conditions can also indicate the existence of other eye problems. Diagnostic tests include visual acuity test, tonometry and dilated eye exam.

In its early stages, the symptoms of this condition may be improved with magnifying glasses, new eye glasses, anti-glare sunglasses or brighter lighting. If these measures fail, cataract surgery is the only effective solution. Ophthalmologists examine the patients and brief on various things about procedure. These include the alternatives, benefits, risks and expected results. If the surgery is delayed, cataracts may cause permanent damage to the eye.

Prior to the surgery, a comprehensive eye scan is performed to evaluate the structure and the overall health of the eye. It also helps to identify risk factors and any conditions that may limit the candidacy of the patient for the operation. Ophthalmologists perform refraction to measure the exact farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Other measurements include the length and curvature of the eye.

It is one of the most common and quickest surgical procedures. The time taken to recover is short and most people return to work in about 24 hours after this operation. The session lasts for about thirty minutes and vision is restored immediately. In cases where a patient has cataracts in both eyes, the two surgeries are performed in separate sessions.

There has been significant growth in the field of cataract surgery. A more advanced surgical procedure known as phacoemulsification has now emerged. This procedure uses radiation of high frequency to split the cloudy eye lens into fine pieces. These pieces are then removed through suction techniques. There are several advantages associated with this technique. The incisions made are smaller which reduces recovery period and reduces chances of complications.

Complications after this procedure are uncommon. However, there are certain individuals who are at a greater risk. These include children and individuals suffering from severe myopia, diabetic retinopathy or advanced glaucoma. Those with a history of using certain drugs are also at a greater risk. Other complications include inflammation, eye infection, cornea injuries and retinal detachment. Posterior capsule opacification is corrected through laser surgery.

After cataract surgery Orange County residents are advised to take certain precautions to promote faster healing. Some of the things to be avoided include strenuous activities, heavy lifting, bending and physical exercises. It is also important to avoid coming into contact with contaminants such as grime, dirt and water which may cause infections.

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