Slim Bombs Slimming Pills – Do They Work?

Certainly a catchy name for any weight loss program pill supplement – Slim Bombs. The pills themselves are extremely attractive too, being bright blue in colour. Buy do Slim Bombs assist in your weight loss safely?

What are Slim Bombs?

Slim Bombs have been available in the uk for a few years now and contain ingredients that aim to enhance metabolism and increase appetite suppression. The main ingredient is in fact Guarana, a strong stimulant and believed to be responsible for the main actions of this pill. So any sensitivity to caffeine like products, as Guarana acts very similar, could well suffer from adverse side-effects, such as nervousness and restlessness.

Another quite exotic (certainly sounding) ingredient is present in Slim Bombs, that may be Cha De Bugre. This Brazilian herb supposedly helps suppress appetite and in addition has a fair level of caffeine!

Do Slim Bombs work?

Taking Slim Bombs is suppose to assist you lose between 10-20 pounds in around 8 weeks and with no changes for your exercise and dietary routine – quite amazing claims really. For what exactly is essentially a caffeine diet pill look for it hard to substantiate these claims, actually there does appear to be hardly any scientific evidence to back this up.

Recommend Slim Bombs for Fat loss

Although taking caffeine does help to increase metabolism, paying for a diet pill for this seems too much. If you regularly drink coffee than you are possible immune to these affects too!

With so many better alternatives on the market, made from clinically proven ingredients that really work, we find it hard to recommend Slim Bombs. Taking a strong fat burner, such as Phen375 will potentially work a lot better for you, because you know you are taking the strongest legal ingredients on the market to date.

So if you really want to lose weight then we would suggest looking at better alternatives, that contain ingredients that will work and without side-effects.

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