What You Need To Know About Cataract Surgery Stafford County

Cataract surgery Stafford County can be termed as a medical procedure that is done to remove cataracts from the eyes that have developed due to some metabolic changes that take place in the lens. These changes cause an opaqueness of the lens therefore resulting in vision loss.

If cataracts are developing, a patient will most likely experience a lot of glare from light sources, this is especially so in dimly light places or at night. Ones light acuity will also be greatly reduced especially in low light conditions. The main aim of this procedure is to replace the affected lens with a new artificial one.

This procedure is performed by an eye surgeon or also commonly referred to as an ophthalmologist. The surgery involves the removal of the natural lens and an intraocular one is implanted. This type of procedure will often be done in an outpatient setting and local anesthesia is used. The surgery will often take place in the doctors clinic or a surgical center in the hospital.

There are two types of cataract surgery, the fires is phacoemulsification or phaco, and the more traditional extracapsular cataract extraction or ECCE. In both of these procedures, an intraocular lens is used. In phaco, the lens used is usually foldable while in ECCE the lens is usually non foldable.

Phaco is the procedure that is most commonly performed in the developed countries. It is preferred because it is simple in nature and also the fact that this procedure uses a small incision and no stitching at all is require. This is because the lens used is foldable. However the expensive nature of the equipment used in this procedure has made it difficult for it to be accessible in developing countries.

In phaco, the doctor does the procedure using a hand held device, this device has a titanium or steel tip and it vibrates at ultrasonic speed. The doctor uses this to emulsify the lens. He may also use a chopper to cut up the lens and make emulsification easier. Afterwards the material is sucked up by use of a probe. In ECCE a large incision is made because of the non foldable lens. Usually the patient will require stitching in the procedure Read more about: cataract surgery Stafford County

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