Seduction – How To Seduce Women With Your Dog

If you have a dog and you aren’t meeting women at the dog park, you are missing out, my friend. Trust me. This is one of the best places to meet and attract women. If you don’t have a dog, get one – preferably small. If you have a dog – especially if it is small and unintimidating – women will approach you. They’ll want to pet your dog and tell you how it’s so cute.

So let’s get on with how to meet women at the dog park. Here’s what to do: spot a woman and her dog. Next, move in her vicinity. Your dogs will inevitably start playing together. Then say to her, “Our dogs make a cute couple and should get married.”

She’ll laugh.

If they both happen to be boys or girls say, “They make the cutest couple. Is gay marriage legal in our state?”

She’ll be rolling on the floor laughing.

Then suggest that you guys should exchange number so your dog can go out on a date together.

She’ll laugh but give you her number.

Then say, “These crazy pups are gonna get into trouble without parental supervision. So we’ll have to chaperon them.”

She’ll laugh and you’ll have a date set up with an attractive girl. On your doggy date, don’t go back to the dog park. Take her hiking or maybe to the beach.

These type of dates are always more fun than doing the old and clichd dinner and a movie. But most importantly, it won’t break your bank account.

Important note: I’ve seen this advice work for short guys. I’ve seen this advice work for overweight guys. I’ve seen this advice work for guys with no money.

My point: If you heed the advice I’ve given you, you will get results. I’ve left you with no excuses. Stop wasting any more time. Go out and attract the woman of your dreams.

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