Abilify Weight Gain: How To Minimize It.

Abilify does cause weight gain in some people. While a small weight gain in not uncommon, many people report substantial weight gain while taking Abilify. Because excessive weight can cause a host of health and social concerns, it is critical to minimize it as much as possible. Furthermore, excessive body fat decreases the body’s ability to metabolize energy.

Each person taking Abilify will have a different result. While weight gain is not uncommon, there are also reports of patients taking Abilify actually losing weight. How much weight can you expect to gain on Abilify?

A study recorded children patients taking medications in the same class as Abilify gained about one pound per week. After eleven weeks the average weight gain was nearly ten pounds and two inches around the waist.

The more someone is overweight, the greater chance they have for developing diabetes and other diseases, such as heart disease and hypertension. These risks increase dramatically if someone is twenty pounds or more over weight. If you are required to be on Abilify but gain weight from it, ask your health care professional what she can prescribe to boost your metabolism and energy. In many cases this will prevent weight gain.

Another issue with Abilify is that weight gain can be difficult to reverse. There have been reports that people who gained weight while taking Abilify were unable to lose the weight once they stopped taking Abilify or that it was extremely difficult to lose. This might be because Abilify makes the body resistant to insulin.

When the body is resistant to insulin, the cells of the body cannot easily absorb sugar from the blood. This leaves a residue of sugar circulating through the body. To prevent this residual sugar from damaging nerve and heart tissue the liver must clean it up.

However, when the liver cleans the sugar out of the blood, it stores it as fat on the belly. This naturally packs on the pounds and may eventually lead to diabetes if not corrected. This is why it is critical that you tell your doctor about any weight gain you experience. It may also helpful to monitor your blood sugar. This is easily done with a glucometer available at most drug stores.

Discuss a proper diet, activity program and mood management with your doctor before you begin an Abilify regime. Actively pursuing a healthy strategy may prevent weight gain or at least keep it to a minimum. Also, seeking out and implementing natural methods of overcoming depression, such as adequate sleep, fresh air and sunshine, and a supportive social network all contribute to beating depression without jeopardizing your health.

By combining healthy behavior such as exercise, proper diet, adequate sleep and reasonable mental hygiene, it is possible to beat depression with out gaining weight. For more information visit: abilify weight gain. Be sure to see the video of Dr. Iliard discussing natural ways to beat depression. You can see it here: abilify weight gain and natural cures

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