Review Of The EV Rider “Sit-N-Ride” Electric Scooter

Many individuals these days may need a simple approach to transportation beyond walking. A personalized electric scooter makes it possible for many people to comfortably move around their communities without the need of assistance. These scooters, which have been for people who have difficulties walking or standing for long periods, are simply one person, battery operated vehicles. Electric scooters differ from motorized wheelchairs in their capability to navigate a wider number of surfaces outdoors. To accommodate the various needs of people, there are many different types of mobility scooters.

As they powered by battery power, they are ideal for use in enclosed places. These scooters have a pair of rechargeable batteries which need to be recharged quite often. If you are searching for a scooter to get you places, for instance the neighborhood grocery store, a good one to get is the EV Rider “Sit-N-Ride” Electric Scooter. Along with a carrying capacity of 250 lbs. plus a top speed of 15 mph. this stable 3 wheeler makes life easier for many people. The wide range of speed could be controlled easily with the thumb throttle, which has two forward speed settings, along with a 1/2-speed reverse mode.

Using a finely tuned speed control it maneuvers easily in packed spaces such as malls and hospitals. It could accommodate a second carrying basket, that may be ordered as an option, and so can a folding seat. The utmost distance between battery charges varies from 15-20 miles, depending on weight carried and type of surface traveled. The battery charger, which is incorporated with the scooter, involves the battery to be taken out of the vehicle. It requires 6-8 hours to charge, thus charging during the night time should work out flawlessly. All the two 12-volt 18 AH batteries includes a removable box to install it in.

Should you purchase the heavier chair-seat option, the maximum load is reduced from 250 to 220 lbs. For ease of transport it is designed to be disassembled quickly. The main parts are 1. the base, 2. the tiller, 3. the battery kit, 4. the basket and 5. the chair seat. The entire weight of the Sit-N-Ride is 120 lbs, which make it a sturdy vehicle, and not overly massive.

Though it may be made for smooth, flat surfaces such as large indoor areas, it can also run on closely cut lawns and packed gravel. Nonetheless, they will not operate in longer grass or loose sand, for example. Its power resource is a 500-watt, 24 volt brushless DC hub motor, which offers enough power for its intended use. Granted all its benefits and affordable price, the EV Rider “Sit-N-Ride” Electric Scooter could be the perfect solution for your needs.

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