Prices of Liposuction

In today’s plastic surgery market, liposuction is at the head of the pack as one of the most sought after procedures available. While this is the case, however, a lot of people still believe that the procedure is only reserved for the truly wealthy, thinking that liposuction pricing is still astronomical. But this is not always true because by simply knowing and understanding the elements and factors that determine the price of the procedure, costs can be greatly lessened while still getting the procedure done.

The first thing to know though is the fact that liposuction does not have one fixed price. Now, the first factor is the kind of liposuction that will be done, because there are a number of liposuction techniques available today, each one differing in effectiveness, target areas, and of course, cost. An example of this is laser assisted liposuction.

The next factor is location. The state and city or town where the professional or clinic is operating will have their own local economy, and it is this local economy that affects the price. This means that on the outset, it’s easy to gauge whether or not the procedure will be costly, simply by determining if the location is an upscale or modest one.

Lastly, costs may be different for male and female patients. This isn’t because of gender bias, because it is about the difference in the kind of fat found in the body. Men tend to have a higher amount of fibrous fat, a kind of fat that is far more difficult to extract using the procedure, which means that men tend to pay more than women for a liposuction procedure of the same sized area.

That said, however, there are some ranges that can give one a general idea of the amount of money involved. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, liposuction can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $8,000. Just remember though that higher costs don’t always mean better quality, so proper research has to be done about the skill and reputation of the facility or surgeon.

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