Relationships – An In Depth Analysis on What Works and What Doesn’t

When in love and when going through a breakup, we tend to commit a number of foolish mistakes that makes the relationship face some really traumatic times. If you desire to win an ex back and have happiness, you need to avoid some errors no matter if you feel love or don’t feel love.

Stop blaming him for anything that goes wrong in the relationship. Women mostly do not acknowledge that they can be wrong and keep bringing up excuses for their nagging, their emotional outbreaks and their lack of trust. It not necessary to get all upset over him if he cant be trusted and therefore does not deserve your company. If he is then you should learn to give him his space.

You should not bother him with your problems when he is in need of space. In most cases, he still loves you, he just can’t handle his emotions. Men don’t handle emotional situations as well as women do.

He’s going to lose interest in you if you are overly apologetic and sentimental. Pre or Post break ups,the theory still holds true. I was on the verge of losing him because I was being too apologetic. Cut it short. You made a mistake, you apologized, it’s time to move on. If he really loves you, he will move on, forgive you, and accept that you are truly sorry for mistakes you have made. It isn’t necessary to press the point very much.

Its good to be expressive, but it is totally idiotic to be over expressive. Constant expressions of love become annoying and cloying. The main key to getting your ex back is to retreat and to leave them guessing. The only way you can get your mind off of your ex and your previous relationship is staying active. It’s the only healthy way.

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