Can Someone Explain NLP To Me Please?

Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP is the study of how the human mind functions to communicate. Communication here is in the quest to achieving personal goals that are needed as the skill sets in life. The process entails the formation of ideas and articulating them for personal gains.

NLP shapes an individual behavior especially that learned through what has been experienced. There has been a lot of controversy trying to explain this concept because people tend to associate it to both success and failures in life. The subject entails a close balance between success and failure where success is seen to originate from copying others.

There more one studies NLP, the more they get confused as every concept unfolds other complications in the discipline. Many people agree that the more you study and learn NLP, the more you discover there is still more to be learned. NLP in its wholeness is a methods used to replicate excellence in a human cognition methodology. It is a way of learning from both ones experience and that of other and uses the knowledge to make independent decisions.

This explains why NLP is seen as the experiential part of human nature that is harnessed to produce the desired results. A world class soccer player for instance can be taken as the measure of what is humanly possible and an asset that can be replicated to achieve the same goals by others.

NLP looks at what has been internalized by the player to become who they are through negating the entire process that the player has gone through to become great in their specialty forgetting the devotion part of the process. NLP works on the assumption that by interviewing a top achiever, you can do better than them through replicating and negating the process of goal achievement.

The most pronounced NLP skills that are used in this subject include and not limited to improvement in the art of persuasion to improve how people work and this entails coaching, counseling and therapies as well. NLP helps in creating acquaintances through comforting and building confidence in each other irrespective of whether they know each other or not. It is also seen as an art of creating confidence verbally, for better functioning of teams to achieve a higher goal either at work or in life.

Giving a public speech, for instance, entails a succession of quick mental programming depending on the mood of the listeners. imaginations are NLP formulations through invoking the state of trance/ through emotions, you are able to understand how people function think and you on the other hand understand them.

NLP is not an act of controlling the mind but a facilitator to enable others improves their lives in appositive way or in a more cognitive way. The concept is based on therapeutic change is a short period of time. NLP rides on the outcomes of verbal techniques applied in scenarios to effect positive change.

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