Raw Food Weight Loss over 100 pounds

This is a mini time line of my raw food weight loss. I lost over 100 pounds in 6 months. Visit www.raw-licious.com for more of the story. You can get my book “Raw-licious Healthy and Delicious Recipes” at Amazon.com. www.amazon.com

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  1. dudeman777us says:

    thats amazing! congratulations.

  2. meetzorak says:

    im no expert but peanuts and bananas should help with the hunger as they are high in natural fats and proteins

  3. Missthomas323 says:


  4. You did an awesome thing for yourself

  5. kuldi1000 says:

    jus want to knw if hot drinks breach the ‘raw diet’? I eat mainly raw but still like a black coffee.

  6. coconutboi11 says:


  7. jonesaudrey1 says:

    Weight loss has not always been a problem for me, but now that i am over forty I am having trouble with my weight. I am visiting different review sites trying to decide which weight loss program to engage in.

  8. mayaluvsmusic says:

    did you try it?

  9. RealRawMatt says:

    Great job, jackson.

    Take care,

  10. ImperviousMason says:

    Dude congratulations!!!

  11. ExquisiteCoils says:

    you look amazing!!! Congratulations on your success!!! Thank you for sharing your story. :-).

  12. emilyj1987 says:

    holy crap, 2 pounds a day? congrats! this is awesome!

  13. Wow! Congratulations–you look fabulous! You are an inspiration–thank you for posting your story

  14. did you get a tummy tuck? coz i don’t see any excess skin on you.

  15. chucholetsm8one says:

    Holly shit?? That was awesome!!! You are my inspiration man. I’ve been on this diet for 2 days now but I feel kind of week and get these hungry urges. I weigh 340 lbs.. I’m wondering if I can eat cooked black beans or pinto, how about rice?
    Give me some pointers man, I would appreciate it.

  16. dockreywife says:

    It’s amazing how much browner and healthier your skin tone is!

  17. First off good job! But I think you should show the rest of the “tummy” that’s tucked in the pants, loosing weight this fast leaves a lot of “spare skin”.

    I’m not promoting anything, just trying to say that with wholesome food and exercise you can do what you want, there’s no magic “diet”.

    If you live on protein and empty chalories… well – go raw in the end… ;-P

  18. rurealiam says:

    congratulations… truly amazing, I actually yelled out, whoa when you showed your after shots..: )


  19. RedWhiteandBetrayed says:

    AWESOME… Keep it up man…

  20. Slavocean says:

    amazing!! amazing transformation!! congrats! 🙂

  21. dancenijas says:

    great job but PLEASE shave that hideous chest hair!

  22. keep it up, you look really good!

  23. Wow amazing and wonderful

  24. NJLouis66 says:

    Congratulations, great job. Thank God! The before and after profiles side by side at 3:46 are amazing.

  25. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

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