Project Managers: Read these Presentation Communication Tips

Congratulations are in order! You’ve been asked to provide a business presentation. This may be simply for your team, to your project steering group, or even to a large conference of 500 people. I’m regularly surprised at just how dreadful the oral presentations that some project managers give are. Before I share the tips I have for you you should understand the subject matter you’re going to be talking about. Presuming you do, here are some ideas to help your presentation in proceeding perfectly.

To begin with, you need to consider your audience. It is very important understand the target audience you will be talking to. How else can you effectively focus your presentation? The following important questions that will help you to this end. Just how much do the group understand about the subject matter? What’s the history of the audience? If the audience doesn’t understand much about the topic then spend some time determining the simplest way to share your information. When they are from a different background then you might change the vocabulary you make use of during your presentation.

Next think about, what exactly does your audience want from your presentation? Why will the listeners be in the room while you give the speech? Think about what might make it a a great presentation for the people sitting in the room. By giving content which is relevant to them your speech should go much more smoothly. As an example, if the project has many issues and risks, then in all probability your audience will not want to consider every single one of them, so maybe it is a good option to simply glance at the top five challenges.

Engage your audience by using a story. We’ve all experienced speeches where the only thing you have been thinking is how do I escape here. This really is perfectly normal when you are given a dry presentation. Consider this when making your presentation. One great way to avert this is to make your speech a narrative. Stories are one of the safest ways to keep folks interested when giving a speech. Stories also enable your speech to flow from one slide to another.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice lots. You have done all of the groundwork of making an awesome presentation that’s targeted in the direction of your audience, so it will be a big disappointment to fail at the last hurdle. When you practice in private you could find that it makes sense to adapt their presentation to suit the way they speak. If by any means possible I would also suggest that you practice your presentation within the room where the presentation will be presented to familiarize yourself with it.

Thats it. Some tips to improve your presentations. I will provide you with one final pointer. Request feedback on your presentation when it is done. You will probably be surprised at how much everyone liked your speech.

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