How To Keep Away from Negative People

[I:]There is the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together. ” The thought behind this is that people tend to become like the individuals we spend time with.

If you are around “cannot, should not, and do not” people, then you’ll continuously become discouraged and disheartened. Instead, encircle yourself with visionaries and people who are able to encourage and motivate you so you can, should, and do take action.

* Pursuing your intuition may be an effective technique of filtering out negative people early on upon meeting them.

Here are some body language signs to look out for when you meet new individuals:

* A sick or unpleasant sensation forms in the pit of your stomach.

* The hair on the back of your neck stands on end.

* Your skin crawls and you also feel jumpy and adverse to touch.

* Your shoulder muscles knot up and your throat and chest constrict.

* You experience a sense of pressure, agitation, or darkness.

* You feel physically, mentally, or emotionally drained after meeting the individual.

These symptoms may be your body’s means of telling you to remain clear of this person. You might leave their presence feeling depressed and discouraged because all you’ve heard is complaining.

Normally, this sucks the energy right out of you, but you could learn how to read these symptoms initially and you will save yourself from getting involved with a negative person. These people are toxic and will poison your thoughts with their negativity.

Look for People with Optimistic Attitudes

Sometimes you can tell someone is optimistic just by their outward appearance or the way they conduct themselves. Walking confidently with their head up or even smiling are indications that a person is in an optimistic mood.

Some other indications of a positive individual are more intuitive, such as:

*You get a sense of ease – as if you’ve known the person for a long time.

* You feel relaxed, calm, and safe.

* You breathe simpler.

* You lean forward rather than crossing your arms defensively and extracting.

* You are comfortable with the other individual’s touch (hug, handshake, etc.).

* You leave their presence feeling vitalized and alive.

Just as negative individuals release a negative energy, positive people have positive energy. These people are nourishing and supportive. Your body can pick up on this and alert you or motivate you based on the circumstance.

How do we go about finding these positive individuals we want to connect with? Most of the above responses are simply felt in our day-to-day associations.

But there are positive actions we could take to align ourselves with optimistic people:

* Locate a local community event, club, or group where people challenge themselves and motivate their members to be better individuals. They are going to assist you to set objectives for yourself and then attain them.

* Participate in online forums or arrange your own positive mentoring group. At times it’s impossible to completely avoid certain negative people (perhaps a boss or family member), but you could limit your connection with them and seek out positive role models elsewhere.

* Use your positive support system to prevent the negative individuals in your life from having the best of you. Count on your family or friends when you need to vent to get rid of your own negative feelings.

The choices you make in life are yours alone. It is completely within your capacity to choose who you are friendly with and whether you want to live a happy life or be miserable.

When you feel too much negativity, take control of your life and establish some changes to get rid of the negative sources. This will likely take some time but creating these changes will help better your daily mood and remind you that great things are ahead.

Become an individual that learns the tips to avoid negative people, recognizing the importance of staying away from negative individuals as components for a healthy life.

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