Is It Possible To Have A Dialogue With God

Is it possible for believing Christians to have a dialogue with God? Many people who worship Jesus Christ on a daily basis still doubt that talking to God and getting an answer is meant for them. Others feel that they do converse with the deity in a give-and-take exchange of words. What is the truth of this age-old question?

For answers of this kind, Christians should turn to the scriptures. Those who believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God can pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit when searching for truth. We all need and appreciate the enlightenment that we get in godly discourse, sermons, and teachings, but the final word is always what the Bible tells us.

At the very beginning, when God made Adam and placed him in the garden, the Bible tells us that God told them (Adam and Eve) to be fruitful and fill the earth, subdue it, and rule over all the fish, birds, and animals. The Bible does not tell us Adam’s answer to this command. God also told him to eat of every tree in the garden but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Again no reference is made to Adam’s answer.

When Adam and Eve are hiding from the Lord, God asks, ‘Where are you?’ and Adam answers Him. Adam confesses his disobedience and God passes judgement. Words are used for this event; it is not merely God speaking and man listening. God also talks to the next human, Cain, when He rejects his offering. God takes him to task later for killing Abel, passes judgement, and responds to Cain’s plea for some mercy.

Enoch had a close relationship with his Lord as he walked with him for three hundred years. Enoch was the first man not to die; the Lord simply took him away. It seems safe to assume that conversations guided Noah to spend one hundred years making a boat and collecting animals, and Abram to leave his home for unknown regions. We do know that the Lord appeared to Abraham (his new name) in the form of an angel and they talked together.

Moses, the most humble of men, is also the man who God spoke to ‘face to face’. The Bible tells us that there has not been a prophet to equal him since. The Lord spoke to other prophets and leaders; think of the effort He put into His relationship with Jonah. He used words as well as a big fish to command obedience. God spoke to Solomon in a dream, asking what gift he wanted and approving his request for wisdom.

There are other examples. Jesus speaks to Saul on the road to Damascus, although the future apostle does not believe in Him then. However, the man now named Paul spent three days blind and silent while Jesus revealed Himself to him. It seems reasonable to think they had a conversation, since Paul said he was an apostle just like the others who had known Jesus during His time on earth.

In the Bible, we are told that God does not change. It seems reasonable that He will speak to men and women today. Anyone who hears from the Almighty will ‘know’ His voice, and the scriptures are there to give us a way to evaluate any experience of this kind. God will never violate His Word, so a dialogue with God will align with that holy standard.

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