How to Improve Eyesight with Exercises

The theory that simple exercises could improve eyesight is not a new one. Eye-care physician William Horatio Bates MD, (1860 to 1931), suspected that most sight problems were the result of habitual strain on the eyes and could be eradicated by taking simple precautions.

Among the most common sight problems are farsightedness, astigmatism, near-sightedness and presbyopia, which is an age-related blurring of near-point vision. Today’s medical professionals believe there is insufficient evidence that exercise can alter refractive errors such as the aforementioned. However, many people do practice some simple exercises to alleviate eye strain.

Splashing is a technique were a splash of tepid water is applied to the eyes in the morning and evening to clear any foreign matter like dust out of the eyes, since debris and dust can blur the sight and irritate the eyes considerably.

Taking regular breaks during intense work such as reading or computer work is very effective. Every ten minutes one should take a ten second break and look at an object ten feet away, as this will give eyes a rest from focussing on close up work. Looking away into the distance will enable eyes to refocus.

Palming is an effective and popular way to relax eyes. Cupping one’s hands and placing them over both eyes will cut out all light. Simply relaxing and getting eyes used to the sudden darkness will re-adjust the vision whenever sight becomes blurred during the day.

The eye squeeze technique can be applied when eyes feel tired, dry and a little itchy. Closing both eyes and squeezing them shut tightly for 5 seconds encourages the tear ducts to produce more moisture. Repeating this exercise 5 times will produce enough moisture to refresh tired eyes.

Massaging the area around the ridge of the eye socket with one’s knuckles or fingertips improves the blood flow. Combining this with a gentle massage of the temples will achieve not only a better blood flow but will carry more oxygen to the eyes, resulting in clearer, better sight.

Eye circles are an exercise for sluggish eyes. Looking up and slowly rotating the eyes in a clockwise direction 7 times and then repeating this exercise 7 times in the opposite direction will loosen muscles around the eyes.

Apart from the above exercises one should also look at nutrition to improve eyesight. Taking extra vitamins and minerals after a short bout of illness may result in a rapid improvement of blurred vision.

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