The First 5 Drug Testing Myths That Everyone Must Understand

Drugs are a menace to the society; they have a way of disrupting all the semblance of order in the lives of their addicts. This is the major reason why employers often conduct periodic tests on their employees. Some colleges also test their students especially when they are to obtain sport scholarships. In a bid to pass the tests many people have tried different approaches and enumerated below are the top 5 drug testing myths.

There is a myth that if you drink a large volume of water prior to taking the urine test, that the test will turn out negative because the water will have cleansed your body. However, there is nothing further from the truth, because water cannot cleanse your body of the traces of drugs. The only thing that drinking water will do is to make your urine sample useless for the test.

The second myth is related to the tests that examines the hair for traces of drugs. The assertion is that you can cheat hair tests by washing your hair with detox shampoos. The fact however is that washing your hair with any brand shampoo will not help you. The shampoo will not penetrate the hair follicles to eliminate traces of drugs. In fact, the hair is capable of storing information about chemical actions in the body, your attempt to detox will become evident in the test, and it will further discredit you.

There is this other myth about hair test that blonde-haired people will pass the test more easily than black-haired people will. The argument is that the melanin level in black hair makes it easy to detect drugs. The point is that you should dye your hair blonde before taking a test. However, the point about the melanin is true to a certain extent, yet if you dye your hair, you have not reduced the melanin levels in any way.

The fourth myth is that taking over the counter drugs like aspirin, pain relievers and substances like vinegar would flush drugs out of your body. The fact remains that such drugs are actually ineffective in eliminating the traces of drugs in the body. In fact, you should avoid such extreme actions because it could lead to health complications.

The final myth is more of senselessness than a myth. What it requires is that you should exchange your urine with that of a clean individual when you are about to be tested. It advices that you should mix chemicals with the urine for the test results to be negative. If you try this, you will only be setting yourself up for ridicule. This is because you cannot take such exhibits into the test room, and if you do, the test will detect such anomalies.

Notwithstanding, a careful observation will show you that these myths were once useful in manipulating drug tests to one degree or the other. However, they are no longer tenable because the test that being carried out for drugs nowadays are sophisticated and very accurate.

The top 5 drug testing myths highlighted in this articles are nothing but myths that could serve as relics of the past. If you try them, you will be discovered and you will still test positive. If you want to test negative, the best course of action that will provide you with results is to avoid taking drugs totally.

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