Parenting Myths: Banking Your Newborn’s Cord Blood

The stem cells found in a newborn’s umbilical rope blood are one type of stem cell holding great guarantee in heart repairs. This is very exciting stories and is providing a promising result for heart patients everywhere. Though these advances are very exciting and have been proven to help and improve may lives this science continues to make strides and gain knowledge. Using the stem cells from cord blood is a medial option for coronary disease that's just around the corner. To put it simply your infant's cord blood is a miracle. It can be used for countless life-endangering diseases and a variety of conditions.

After delivery, the umbilical cord is clamped on both sides and cut. In most cases, an experienced obstetrician or nurse collects the cord blood before the placenta is delivered. One side of the umbilical cord is unclamped, and a tiny tube is passed into the umbilical vein to collect the blood. After blood has been collected from the cord, needles are placed on the side of the outer surface of the placenta that was hooked up to the fetus to collect more blood and cells from the big veins that fed the fetus

When you donate cord blood, umbilical cord blood from birth is collected and stored. This does not hurt either the mother or baby. Doctors use the stem cells from umbilical cord blood to treat hematologic, immunologic and oncologic disorders. While these cells can also be found in bone marrow and circulating blood, cord blood is better to match to transplant patients than the other 2 sources.

Cord blood could be used by the person that donated the blood (autologous use) or by someone else who closely matches the given cord blood.

Stem cell care with stored umbilical cord blood stem cell banking could have saved the life of an once despairingly sick youths. After failing to find a bone marrow match, an one in 70 million shot, doctors decided there wasn't any option but to use stem cells from the cord blood of a baby lately noted on a global register. This finished months of doubt for teenager, who's had a rare blood disorder, which latterly turned into a time-bomb with a likelihood of becoming deadly leukemia.

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