Office essentials and office furniture

When designing an office, its layout and the office furniture you choose are two important considerations. It’s those people who are assigned the task of designing an office that have to decide upon office chairs, office desks and other office equipment. It’s the smaller office items however that are nearly always forgotten.

Getting the right theme and style of office furniture is really important. Offices should be functional spaces but should also have a warm and inviting feel. And it’s impossible to achieve this without using the smaller often forgotten items of office furniture. The ancillary items can make a big difference to how an office feels. Small ancillary items such as office plants, clocks, desk lamps and desk fans can really liven up the office and make it an inviting place to work.

One of the biggest problems an office may face is getting enough light into the room. Most offices have at least one window, but during the winter months it can feel quite dreary, especially if fluorescent lighting is used. For this reason it’s a good idea to use desk lamps, which can not only illuminate the worker’s space but also add style and ambience.

Most computers now display the time, but still an office could not be complete without an office clock. In an environment where time is critical, every office should have an office clock.

Adding some greenery to the office can help with staff morale and wellbeing. The odd desk plant or even floor standing plant can brighten up the office atmosphere considerably and make it feel more like home than an office.

When you have organised the large pieces of office furniture like the office desks and the office chairs, give a thought to the smaller items too. It’s only when your office feels loved that your staff will be happy and contented.

Brian Williams writes regularly for Egan Reid Office Furniture regarding all of their various products and services including Office Essentials

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