Women’s Health – Top Natural Remedy For Vaginal Itching

1. Applying a plain yogurt with lactobacillus – A plain yogurt with live and active lactobacillus can restore the natural pH and acidity of the vagina. It is possible to apply it directly by a plastic applicator. This will support balance the great and poor bacteria in the vagina and can get rid of bacterial vaginosis. Do this treatment three times per day until the symptoms subsides. Remember to wash it out after 20 to 30 minutes of application.

2. Acidophilus vaginal suppositories and capsules – Put the prescribed acidophilus suppositories directly in the vagina. You can also add teaspoon of acidophilus into 2 cups of warm water and douche it in your vagina. It is like a yogurt method of balancing the good and bad bacteria in the vagina thus getting rid of bacterial vaginosis.

3. Tea Tree Oil – Suppositories produced from tea tree oil are great for treating bacterial vaginosis. It may possibly get up to 6 weeks remedy of this approach. Tea tree oil has antifungal properties that attack bad bacteria which result in a bacterial vaginosis. Warning: In no way utilize it directly into the lining on the vagina for the reason that it could well irritate it and cause some allergic reactions.

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract – Douching having a grapefruit seed extract mixed in two cups of warm water is very good for treating bacterial vaginosis. Just like tea tree oil, it ought to not be spot directly into the lining of the vagina due to the fact it could irritate it and cause some allergic reactions.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide – A cup of a 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed into 2 cups of warm water may be used as a vaginal douche. This mixture can restore the typical acidity also as the normal flora of the vagina thus fighting infections like bacterial vaginosis and its symptoms.

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