Night Sweating. Three Main Reasons.

Some women complain that, in spite of the cold season, they have increased sweats at night; they are worried about this problem and the reasons for which this occurs.

The major causes of night sweating may be three, we’ll speak about them.

They include: the latent infection, the period of onset of menopause and cancer. Now let’s dwell on each of these reasons separately.

The first reason – the latent infection.

Any infection, settled in our organism, not only increases the temperature of the body, but also causes perspiration.

This occurs due to the fact that bacteria or viruses fall in the blood and affect the nervous system responsible for maintaining the optimal temperature. But in this situation these systems fail, hence all the trouble originated.

The second reason – change of life.

As it is known, in this period plenty of women have hot flashes – sharp increase in body temperature, which in turn leads to activation of sweat glands.

But the point here is that the estrogen level decreases and the level of those hormones that are responsible for regulating the activity of the adrenal glands increases. As a result of disorder of the workflow of this established system, there is crash in the gland of the brain that is responsible for maintaining the temperature.

In this case, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist, endocrinologist, and take a blood test for hormones; only then the doctor will select an appropriate course of hormone replacement therapy.

Reason three – cancer.

The fact is that the tumor itself is a source of heat that can significantly increase the internal body temperature.

In order to avoid overheat, the sweat glands start to work, and in consequence, perspiration increases. Such a phenomenon can often be met when lymphomas. If, notwithstanding the fact that in your bedroom the environment temperature is not high, but this does not relieve you from the constant perspiration during sleep, you should visit a specialist.

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