Diabetes 101 – Eleotin Tea Review

Product Claims

Eleotin is actually a diabetes supplement manufactured by the Eastwood Biomedical Research. It can be a proprietary blend of herbal extracts which have been common for their capacity to manage and maintain standard blood pressure levels. The main ingredients of this tea includes Schizandrae Fructus (which is a fruit extract), Platycodi Radix (which is a root), Glycyrrhizae radix (also a root), Capsella Bursa (which is a stem), and numerous others. These herbs have been regarded as standard medicines for in some countries specifically the local men and women.

Undisclosed Ingredients and Costly Pricing:

Since these ingredients were in high quality and popular herbs, many people with diabetes consider this product as one of the best combinations of dietary herbs and extracts. Though the full list of this product’s ingredients remains undisclosed, the expensive price also adds as one of the cons of this product.

Type II Diabetes Mellitus:

This type of diabetes is frequent among the high risked people. They’re those who live unhealthy lifestyle like a sedentary and savvy-tech way of life, who have abuse of alcohol and smokes quite often, people who are obese, weak immune method, have chronic pressure, and those who lack proper and regular exercise or don’t do any sports. By these factors, the sugar inside the blood just isn’t metabolized properly and entirely that is why the levels are fluctuating. There are times that the sugar levels may be really low, and times that they can be extremely high, not like type I where the blood sugar is usually within the low levels. Type II diabetes symptoms consist of polyphagia or increased hunger, polydipsia or increased thirst and polyuria or frequent urination.

Type II Diabetes Therapy:

Type II diabetes therapy does not necessarily demands insulin injections. Type II diabetes drugs are not primarily for metabolizing the sugar in the blood but for the other symptoms like diabetic wounds, urinary retention, edema and high blood pressure. Therapy is focused on modifying or altering the aspects that could precipitate or trigger the condition. These factors are those which I’ve mentioned above. It’s quite effortless, right?

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