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  1. then wats the point not telling the facts and just by doing it?? asshole… wat his talking abt is some useful tips..

  2. paranoidpfanclub says:

    some good and interesting advice there!inspirational!

  3. Sir0wnzAl0t says:

    lol… i dont go to a doc to ask bout muscle.

  4. hmm doctor eh? …. wanna tell me why you guys manage to get so many patients killed under your care? *scratches head* … you “doctors” ain’t pefect

  5. At first I thought you were joking. My Bad. Actually, you’re giving some good advice.

  6. geta6pack says:

    His videos are good but there is too much talking! Get real and get some actions man: my videos are about doing… not talking!

  7. BodySpammer says:

    This is so true. Thanks

  8. BodySynergyTraining says:

    Vince you make my videos look like a 2 yr did them, pretty close to it though haha. Love the vids bro!

  9. TheRigsby says:

    Wrong about what exactly?

  10. im a doctor, and let me tell you that he is absolutely wrong.

  11. thats great to hear man ­čśë nice work!! im on my way to a sex pack too, i reckon about 2 months of eating nothing but chick breasts tuna eggs and veggies will do the trick, along with some bad ass intervals!! cheers bro

  12. mbfreak22 says:

    okay. Thanks.

  13. slayerguitar says:

    no, i had strong abs but i used different excericises to tune them and vince helped me gain alot:)

  14. mbfreak22 says:

    Mmm and by doing bicycle crunches for 1 month… you get 6 pack? O.o

    I do 100 normal crunches, 2-3 times a week. Mmm I’ll try your method. Thanks. Where your abs weak when you first started?

  15. slayerguitar says:

    oh fuck my bad bro, “i usually try to do 3 reps of bycicle crunches” and 3-4 sets there are alot of ab workouts you can do and alot better than bycicle crunhes

  16. mbfreak22 says:

    what are “t3repf bci crnces”? How many sets do you do each workout?

  17. slayerguitar says:

    i try to switch it around so mcle grows faster. i usually try t3repf bci crnces, very hard but eyt effective. i dont rest very long. just enough so i still the burning. dont work them everyday.every other day. hope it helps

  18. mbfreak22 says:

    whats your routine? :D:D. Do you rest through sets? I been working on abs since May.

  19. slayerguitar says:

    vince, i got a six pack in about a month. pure dedication and commitment. thank you!

  20. solidreso says:

    dis is wicked going to try it twmoro =P

  21. Harpreet06 says:

    whats his bicep size???

  22. priceethewarrior says:

    I love how the video starts at 45 seconds. Intro is ridiculously long.

  23. DragonRider19d says:

    Thanks for the tip. I ll try that

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