Weight Loss Confessionals – Week 1

Starting up my weight loss vlogs again because I need to get my butt in gear! I have some more weight (and by some I mean A LOT) to lose and I want to meet my next mini-goal. Subscribe to my natychats channel – diet cooking, random discussions, and diet tips all found here. www.youtube.com Get to know ME for ME: twitter.com Follow & Subscribe to my blog! www.thebeautybrat.com


  1. i totally agree with you pon the starbucks and how bad it is. i looked up the calories and some frappacinios have over 600! thats like a whole meal plus dessert.now i only get iced coffees with non fat milk 😀

  2. Me and my friends use this with acari berries.. there are still a few free trials left too, check out diet-mentor . info

  3. good for you for getting back into the game. I just got an epidural streroid injection in my spine so I’m hoping it will help my pain so I can get my butt back in the gym! You can do it Nat!

  4. I want to lose 50 lbs too… I’m trying, I’m glad your bad doing weight loss vids, they help me… I’ll stick with you!!

  5. do you think you could do a video on HOW to measure yourself? that’d be super helpful! thanksss.

  6. hi nat!

    okay, i need help, im trying to loose weight but i have IBS, and am lactoseintolerant.
    do you have any ideas about food for me to eat?

  7. oh okay! i thought it was part of the rules or something, its a diet i think i want to get into!

  8. Go girl! Can you tell me your video editing sofware and also can you do a video on your piercings.

  9. I’m with you. I made it to phase 2 of South Beach but I cheated terribly this weekend. Back to phase 1 tomorrow! I’ll definitely be following your confessionals!

  10. aww babes, well done for starting again, pleasure to watch you. well done on the 5 pounds lost. what a feat, only 3 pounds difference and that’s hardly nothing. love your make up on this 🙂 xx all the best. a hopeless food addict xx

  11. woo hoo! I can’t wait. I am so happy that you are doing this again. I just started the SB diet, and am so excited to do this with you.

  12. I watched this on a fluke, and i can along probably alot of gals out there can relate! Good galpals are hard to find 🙂 I loved this vid thanks for being so real!

  13. Girl you always motivate me to work out! So I now you will accomplish your goal!! Good luck! xoxo

  14. Great video!! Girl we think alike because I think I know what your eye makeup is and I was wearing a look just like this yesterday..hehehe
    Good job losing 5pounds!! I love the way you started the video =D

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