Muscle Building In A Rush – week 3 (Workout Program For Building Muscle)

Who Else Wants My Muscle Building Workout Program? Visit “Muscle Building In A Rush” Week 3 1a Trap Bar Deadlift (4 reps) 1b: Pullups (4 reps) 1c: Barbell Military Press (4 reps) Perform 4 reps for each set (1a, 1b, 1c) without taking a break in between sets. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds. Grab your muscle building workout program now at NOW is the time to arm yourself with the weapons you need to * Create unbelievable muscle mass …

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  1. how many times a week i do this program..????

  2. it goes like this
    Week 1
    Hip Dominant exercise
    Vertical Upper body push exercise
    Vertical upper body pull exercise
    Week 2
    knee dominant
    horizontal push
    horizontal pull
    they alternate that, so yeah, they’ll be pretty similar.

  3. The Week 1 and 3 are pretty similar, isn’t?”Muscle Building In A Rush” Week 1
    1a: Standard Deadlift (4 reps)
    1b: Shoulder DB Press (4 reps)
    1c: Chin Up (4 reps)

    “Muscle Building In A Rush” Week 3
    1a: Trap Bar Deadlift (4 reps)
    1b: Pullups (4 reps)
    1c: Barbell Military Press (4 reps)

  4. NigellBeast says:

    Wow a HUGE height difference lmao

  5. zanumberegyptianinq8 says:

    dude im in the same case as u.. like exactly.. so yea.. deadlifting just aint gd.. esp if u wanna get taller..

  6. maicongphuc says:

    i have no idea what you’re talking about!

  7. aerialfury says:

    i wonder why
    ur in vietnam
    and my relatives talk the same like u
    “ohh what a small world”

  8. maicongphuc says:

    you’re gay too?
    what a small world!

  9. weathered79 says:

    how many times a week

  10. youngjeezy3333 says:

    this will also help you to burn them few pounds of body fat! excellent video guys.. 5/5.

  11. aerialfury says:

    yea fuck me since ur gay

  12. if you eat enough youre going to gai muscle when you cut down to 2x interval

  13. maicongphuc says:

    i am then so what?
    you have a problem with that?
    if you do then FUCK YOU!

  14. I’m 15 and slightly overweight @ 143 lbs. and 5′ 6″ so I’m starting running soon. Anyway, would it be okay to do these workouts for resistance 3 days a week, then run for interval training, 3 days a week? I do want to gain muscle too, so would it be easier to gain more muscle if I didn’t run? Thanks, guys! -Brian

  15. piratelord99 says:

    ok , are you sure thats all? i need to know so what i can fit it into my workout without working 2 muscles one day after the other

  16. xo1tom1ox says:

    If you cant do a pull up then go on a machine (dont know name) that you stand and , and the machine takes away weight from your body so you can perform around 5-7 reps until failure. If you can do over 8 reps then increase the weight until you can properly do chinups without assistance. If no machine do negatives. Good luck

  17. xo1tom1ox says:

    biceps and forearms its a compound excersize.

  18. piratelord99 says:

    Beside lats, what do pull ups work?

  19. how long has he been workin out for? Any1 know =)

  20. maximaprotut says:


  21. aerialfury says:

    ur fukin gay mai

  22. lalalaina4life says:

    vince, please do more diet videos. We how you shop in the supermarket, but I think we should see you in the kitchen preparing a full day’s foods.

  23. egdqv13234 says:

    i have bench but not pull up, what do i do? and whould you guyes sugest this program for kainds of body?

  24. waqas1887 says:

    @ those having trouble doing pull-ups

    Here r some alternate exercises to help u:
    SEARCH 4 “The World’s Worst Chin-Ups: Gym Monkey” ON YOUTUBE.

  25. Jump on the bar and just do the negative of the movement, but try to do it as slow as possible to activate more muscle fibres.

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