I am looking for a trusted Omega 3 fish oil supplement?

I have heard that not all supplements/vitamins are created equal. I want to start taking a fish oil supplement, but don’t know which brands are trusted or highest quality. Any info on trusted brands or a website to research them would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend going the prescription route – I think Lovaza, the supplement usually prescribed, is way overpriced. I actually think liquid fish oil is a good way to go, because you know it’s fresh as long as it doesn’t have a taste, and it’s easier to swallow 2 teaspoons of liquid than 6 or 8 capsules (which often have rancid, and therefore probably less potent, oil inside).

    I work for a company called Omega Cure. We don’t alter the structure or composition of fish oil the way some other companies do (to improve longevity and appearance, i.e. to make it not look like oil). Here’s our site: https://omega-cure.com/

    Other leading brands of fish oil you could compare are Carlson’s and Nordic Naturals. If you go the drugstore-pill route, just make sure you’re getting 1 gram of EPA and DHA each daily – ALA isn’t as effective or fast-working.

  2. I use Iceland Health, there expensive, but they sell small bottles at the 99 cents.

  3. my husband has been taking Nature made odorless softgels
    for a month and his bad cholesterol dropped 12 points already. he no longer has to take medication. and no fishy burps.

  4. Killthesteel says:

    Kroger Brand offers a Natural Omega 3 gelcap.

  5. If you’re concerned about the quality, you could always visit your primary care physician and ask them to write you a prescription for an omega 3 fish oil supplement. They are prescribed sometimes to regulate triglyceride levels, but I’m sure if you explained the situation they could prescribe you one just for overall health. Those can be higher strength as well as higher quality. Another upside is if you have insurance that covers prescriptions, you might be able to get them at a greatly reduced rate compared with buying them at GNC or somewhere else over the counter.

    Just my two cents.

  6. I would recommend:

    Heart Health™ Essential Omega III Fish Oil

    Reasons for taking it:

    Contain essential fatty acid, Omega 3, provides the three grams of EPA† (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA† (docosahexaenoic acid) that studies reveal is the most effective amount to promote overall cardiovascular health. (Heart disease is the No. 1 among US population! )

    • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels
    • Promotes healthy blood pressure levels
    • Helps maintain normal blood flow
    • Helps maintain normal triglyceride levels in the blood
    • Helps enhance mood
    • Promotes overall cardiovascular health

    A deficiency in essential fatty acids can also lead to severe bone loss and osteoporosis.

    A health diet should be in the range of 1:1 to 1: 4 ratio of omega 3 v.s. omega 6. (Which means 1 part of omega 3 to 1 to 4 part of omega 6. However, for a typical American diet, we tend to consume 1 part of omega 3 to 11 to 30 part of omega 6 (Most omega 6 comes from high fat diet).

    Omega 6 increase inflammatory property within the body, while omega 3 does the opposite, anti-inflammatory.

    When select Fish Oil in the market, always look at its EPA and DHA values (these are the omega-3 that is readily benefit to the human body. I notice that many fish oils in the market can’t even specific its EPA and DHA values) and also guarantee of free hard metal contamination.

    Heart Health™ Essential Omega III Fish Oil has been tested twice to ensure free of heavy metals which provides maximum benefits for our health.

    In additions, Heart Health™ Essential Omega III Fish Oil contains 23 IU vitamin E which helps fish oil from oxidized. Fish oil can be easily oxidized, if so, it lost its potency and become useless. This is another important factor when choosing fish oil.

    Never look for price when selecting supplements, look for values and potency and absorption rate because our health is priceless!

    Good luck in searching your fish oil!

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