Modernizing Home Weight Training with Adjustable Dumbbells

Avid fans of weight training are singing praises about cool new weights called adjustable dumbbells. With weight plates on both ends of the gripping rod that can be easily changed, these are the perfect tools for those who seek to increase bulk or develop longer and leaner muscles. They come in either round shaped designs that are much similar to traditional weights and in square-shaped forms.

Adjustable dumbbells function in the same way as their traditional counterparts. Workouts that can be done with single weight dumbbells may also be performed, some say even more effectively, with adjustable weights.

Adjustable dumbbells are called adjustable because you can change the weight plates at each end since one set comes in a variety of weight ranges. By simply turning a dial or a pin, you can make your dumbbell heavier or lighter.

Whether round or square, it’s a fact that these adjustable sets are revolutionizing home fitness. One of the primary reasons why they are able to do this is because they enable you to save space. One of the dilemmas when setting up a home gym and doing weight training at home is always the accumulation of so many dumbbells that take up too much space. This is due to the fact that you will have to progress in your resistance training regimen somehow and pretty soon, the dumbbells of lesser weights will have to be left for much something much heavier. Storing these is often problematic, especially when you live in a small apartment and are only using a part of your living room to serve as your home gym.

With adjustable dumbbells, you don’t have to worry about storage space. One set is enough to give you all the weight ranges you need as you progress with your weight training program.

Training is faster with adjustable dumbbells since searching for the appropriate poundage won’t be a problem. Unless you are one of the chosen few so organized so as to arrange all your dumbbells based on weights, chances are your dumbbells are just about anywhere. Finding the correct weight is usually time-consuming when they are all over the place and could potentially ruin the pacing of your workout. Designed with all weights nested in one set, adjustable dumbbells are compact equipment. Simply move a knob or turn a dial and you can continue with your workout with the correct poundage.

Adjustable dumbbells have also revolutionized home training because they turn out to be less expensive in the long-run. Figure out the cost of each single weight dumbbell you buy and see how much you end up actually spending for all of them as you progress in your home training routine. An adjustable set might seem like a very expensive investment initially but it will turn out to be cheaper in the long-run compared to buying one weight at a time.

Is there a disadvantage to adjustable dumbbells? It seems that there is none, although you might have to get used to gripping the square-shaped set at first. Using them a few times more will make them feel more natural.

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