Should I Seek In Home Care?

There is a lot of work and time that goes into taking care of an ill or disabled loved one, so seeking a care provider to help care for them in the home can be a great option for someone who has given their life to looking after someone else. While it might be a relief to have help, it’s still a decision that isn’t easy to make.

After being a caretaker for so long, if you decide to hire a care provider for the home, it’s likely that you’ll go through a wide spectrum of feelings about coming to this point and going through with it. Most people go through some variation of:

* Relief, or a sense of release; by getting additional help, you won’t be the sole caregiver to your loved one any longer and can share the burden with another person.

* Happiness: after all, you will be able to gain some of your own life back. You’ll be able to have more free time for yourself, your personal interests, and the hobbies and social life that took a back seat to looking after your loved one all of these years.

* Guilty, like you have somehow failed the person you care for, or like you have given up on them

* Fear: in the form of worries, stress, and anxiety, there is a lot of work that goes into finding a care provider who will meet the needs of you and your loved one; who will perform their duties well; and who, overall, will keep them safe and secure.

You aren’t alone in going through any of these emotions when faced with the choice of seeking additional help – in fact, there are many more that can’t even be listed in the limited words here. Just as they are normal, they also shouldn’t be kept to yourself to prevent them compiling on one another and causing a significant stress factor in your life.

In fact, it’s very possible that the person you have been looking after all this time will be glad to see that you are seeking outside help from a home care provider. Oftentimes they are encouraging and understanding when they see that you are struggling to do all of the work on your own and facing doubts as a result of it, as well as it being an opportunity for you to gain some of your freedom and personal life back. Remember that they want to see you happy, too. If you share your troubled feelings and are open with them, chances are that they will be supportive of your decision – and reaffirm that the decision was the right one to make.

Another thing to remember is that you won’t be the only one in the situation who is going through tumultuous feelings. Your loved one may also struggle with the fact that a new helper is coming into the home, and as such, it’s important that communication remains open between you both as well as among anyone else who is involved in this change.

Although it can be very difficult for those who need care to allow a new person to care for them, the experience is usually a good one. If possible, allow them to be there during the interview process so that they can get to know the applicants (and have a say in who will end up providing their care), and choose applicants with plenty of experience.

Seeking care in the home does not make you weak, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have failed your loved one. You are entitled to help and support. Seeking somebody to provide care in the home can help you strike a balance between caring for your loved one, and enjoying your own life too.

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