Medications Prepared By Compounding Pharmacies are Often Less Expensive Than Mass Produced Drugs

[youtube:Q5I1ctLUlRA?fs=1;Advanced Physicians Solutions;] Mass production versus small businesses – usually one expects products that are mass produced to come at a discount. In fact, this is one of the enduring tenets of modern manufacturing. While this is true for most industries, it has definitely not been the case when it comes to medications. Fortunately, consumers do have a choice between mass produced drugs produced by big pharmaceuticals, and those sold by local compounding pharmacies.

Medicine is big business, and even though the actual ingredients used in some cost mere pennies per dose, the reality is that major drug companies have enormous overhead – such as salaries, marketing, packaging, and plant maintenance – to consider when it comes to pricing products. In addition, they must answer to stock holders and show ever increasing profit margins to drive their stock prices. So, mass produced meds are expensive, and the consumer must pay the price. This goes, unfortunately, for both prescription, and most especially, for over the counter (OTC) medications.

Compounding pharmacies are usually small, local businesses that create medications for individuals based on a doctor’s prescription. In existence long before mass produced medications appeared on the market, their primary focus has always been on personalized prescriptions that suit each individuals needs. In addition to filling doctors’ prescriptions, they are also able to provide multiple different delivery methods for drugs, such as creating syrups for patients who have trouble swallowing pills (very common in young children), and formulations of common medicines that leave out some additives that cause allergic reactions for some patients. A compounding pharmacy works with doctors as well as veterinarians, and can offers drugs to treat multiple illnesses ranging from pain management to podiatry, hormonal imbalances, pediatrics and veterinary care.

With no major stockholders watching profit margins, these specialty pharmacies need to rely heavily on recommendations and word of mouth to keep the doors open, so the savings over conventional and/or over the counter (OTC) medications can sometimes be quite significant. For the most part, the overhead of compounding pharmacies is much lower than that of their large competitors, and they are able to pass these savings on to consumers. For those who have concerns regarding safety, these are unwarranted. These specialty pharmacies are highly regulated, regularly inspected for safe practices, and medications are prepared in sterile environments when indicated. (It is however important to note that not all active ingredients are inexpensive, so it is unwarranted to expect these small pharmacies to beat pricing on everything they offer.)

It is also important to note what compounding pharmacies do not offer – most specifically the disturbingly prevalent malfeasance that has been all too common among the powerful drug companies. In recent years, several of these big name companies have been the subject of fines assessed by regulators, and lawsuits arising from negligence, failure to disclose, lack of proper cleanliness and sanitation at the plants; and last but certainly not least, for preparing and distributing drugs that lacked the main active ingredient. Penalties for infractions have cost big manufacturers hundreds of millions of dollars – perhaps another reason why the meds they prepare are so expensive.

Customers of compounding pharmacies, on the other hand, can count on medications that are specially made to order for them in a sterile onsite lab, and of course, at the correct dosage. In addition, those who utilize these services will find the friendliness and care that can only come from a locally owned and operated business.

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